Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Valerie Adams

Hi I’m Valerie Adams. I’m in the gym getting ready for the Olympics. I’m on the treadmill warming up to go out on the field.  I’m having a drink of water before I go onto the field. I am doing a few warm ups and doing a few stretches and I’m going out to get a gold.

Hi I’m Valerie Adams and I’m in the middle of the competition I just did a great throw and then up comes Nadzeya Ostapchuk.  She throws like a man. I’m on my last throw; it’s good, but not good enough because Nadzeya throws a 21.3metres. I throw 20metres.
I get to stand on the second place on the podium.  It is not my usual gold.  I am disappointed and sad that it is not my nations flag in the middle getting raised, not my national anthem. I feel like I have let down my country but they will think I tried my hardest and put my best effort into it.        

I’m standing on the podium in second place. I could have been first but my throw wouldn’t go as far as Nadzeya Ostapchuk. Hearing Nadzeya countries national anthem is good but it could be New Zealand’s, but it’s not. Now I am on my way to my coach’s house. I turned on the radio I screamed yay I won gold. Lots of people I talked to thought Nadzeya was a boy but they tested her and it turns out that she took drugs that made her sound and look different. That made her have a better throw and that is cheating. When I got to my couches house I fell into his arms I said yay, I won Nadzeya took drugs.

I’m driving to my coach’s house listening to the radio then I hear the name of the gold medalist pop up. That day I felt like I’d just been robbed and strip of my glory I felt like I’d let my nation down. Back to the story she’d just been drug tested and positive for steroids, I couldn’t believe it. I carry on driving with the most stunned look on my face. I get to my coach’s house, now I’m balling my eyes out. I couldn’t believe I got the gold medal and annoyed I didn’t get to stand as a gold medalist on the podium.  I listened to a cheater’s national anthem. Well now I know it would have been my national anthem, New Zealand’s national anthem. I’m proud of myself and I bet my home country feel the same.      


  1. Hello Room 6,

    How sad a circumstance for Valerie to try her best and win a Silver at the Olympics only to find the winner disqualified. While we can be grateful the wrong was corrected, Valerie should have been able to hold her head high as she stood in first place and heard the New Zealand national anthem played.

    Well done, everyone. You have been able to express the mix of excitement and disappointment Valerie must have felt on hearing the news.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  2. It was certainly a news worthy event wasn't it. I'm sure when the dust has settled Valerie will be very glad of her gold medal