Sunday, August 26, 2012


Right now I am starving for food. I am scampering the city dump. I live on the top of the dumping ground and cuddle up on an old ragged and torn blanket! A seagull circling me for the only piece of food left that hangs from my jaws. I am unwanted and terrified of all those who scare me and who come closer to my thick and dirty fur. I am damp and drenched with the smell of rotten food and old clothing with stains left on them. I can hear the laughter of children and the smell of fresh meat from the butchers, the pitter patter of feet stomping toward me like a stampede of elephants. I am homeless to other dogs that have toys food and a basket! Right now I am covered in fleas that itch real bad and my fur is all tattered and smells of rotten fish and more! The sound of ships and boats give me headaches. I wish I wasn’t abandoned or lost or with out a home. Suddenly I see a speck of light coming from the busy road where there’s non stop traffic all day and all night! I quickly sprint as fast as I can to the light above. It had seemed to be another stray dog on the loose! But this time it had been run over by a tank truck! I try to comfort her but she was frozen like an ice cube. After I try to get attention I drag her off the road and bring her to the city dump where she will be able to feel better! The blood stains are still to be left on the road and never to been known again. We scamper off and try to act cute to be adopted! And it worked! A man with a black coat and a fancy hat brought me home where I will be safe and sound tucked away still in my ragged and torn old blanket! Mended and patched for the rest of my years.

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  1. Great story Anahera, and a happy ending!
    Sad that the other dog was killed. :(
    You have used lots of fantastic describing words!