Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The unwanted dog...

Skinnier than a pencil. Wondering round the lonely roads of an abandon town. Its dark, wet and I’m dripping like a broken tap and I’m drenched. I’m rummaging for food. Looking in every nook and cranny. Hiding from the people that take you to the pound. I’ve got quite a sad life to be honest. Just dumped on the side of the street just as a new born. It’s just a continuous road to no where. Sleeping in the moon light beside a deep dark forest and you wake up hungrier than ever but that doesn’t. I’m just a dog unwanted by everyone, lost and unwanted that’s all I am. Nothing much to my life it’s the same each day. Guess what I eat rubbish or I don’t eat anything. That’s why I’m skinny; you can see my ribs quite clearly. Now you can how boring, sad and lonely it would be for you to be a stray.


  1. This is a sad story Callum, but the exciting senences really interest the reader!

  2. Hi its Connor here I thought of another ending:Later I find that it was not only a dream it was realality and then day by day I lived that very dream.One day I just stood there waiting and waiting for something, for something to happen.A year passed yet no one noticed me eating rubish, just then I ended it and I lay on the road and waited till it was over.thanks