Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day in the life of a Panda

I was slowly slouching my way through a bamboo tree eating sloppily as I went. This is fun, I thought, when suddenly I saw something that made my eyes water.  It was so sad. A mother Panda was attacking her baby. Now usually I would have backed away due to the fact that I am a coward, but there was an exception this time. I jumped out and growled ferociously at the mum. She backed away slowly and left the baby Panda with me.
Three years later…
My baby Panda has grown so much since I found him. Honestly I think he is perfect I’m so glad I faced my fears.


  1. Gosh Mia! What a great story to start your 100wc work. I love the way you travelled forward in time to show your readers what it meant to you. I'm very impressed on the literacy skills of a panda! ;)

  2. You've written a nice piece Mia. The first sentence is my favorite. I like how you used the "s" sound several times...slowly, slouching, and sloppily. Did you know this is called alliteration?

  3. Great work Mia, this is a fantastic story!
    I like how you Gave us so much detail In the first paragraph.

  4. Hi Mia. You used some great adjectives in this piece, such as 'sloppily' and 'ferociously'. There is a great moral at the end as well that facing your fears can bring rewards. Well done!