Sunday, August 26, 2012


It is a dark and quiet and lonely in a stray dog’s life. No one is out because it is night time and no one is letting me in. I live where there is a dump. I am afraid of the dark. At night I am far, far away of a house. The persons house that I did live at must of not of loved me. I wish someone would just come for a walk and find me because I am hungry and thirsty, because no one has fed me. So that might mean that if no one feeds me I will die because I am starving and thirsty. Maybe I should go for a walk and see if someone will feed me. If no one does then I will try and find some food. If I can not then I will try and find some water that I can drink. Okay, I am off for a walk to see if I can find some food or some water to drink or I will go back and find some one that can feed me and that can give me a drink because now I am very, very thirsty. Oh no, now I am very thirsty and very lost.  Oh, look, there is an old woman and an old man. Maybe they might look after me and feed me. I will go and ask if they can look after me and love me and keep me nice and warm and away from the dark and keep me a way from the cold and give me lots of water and feed me. I am going to go and ask them if they can. If they cannot then I will be dead and I would hate that because I am starving and very thirsty. Oh look, they have lifted me up and they are taking me home and laying me on the chair and doing all the stuff I wanted them to do.     


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  1. I'm glad you found a good home in the end.
    This is a fantastic story Brya, great writing skills!
    -Michaela :)