Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Bottle Bivy Re-Re-Re build

When the Ulrich Aluminum Ute pulled up the bottle bivy re-re-re build was officially starting. Zach’s dad Corey had agreed to help us re-build the bottle bivy and not only that but build us a frame and give us heaps of double sided tape as well! The frame is shaped like the octagon in town. Yesterday we started re-building the bottle bivy and we got about half way through the process and we are doing some more building to day. Mrs K reckons it will last WAY longer because we are using double sided tape instead of hot glue guns. Also the new bottle bivy is tall instead of wide.
Thank-you so much Corey.


  1. Thank you so much Corey we would be able to make a bottle bivey with out you.

  2. Thank you Corey for helping us to build the bottle bivey

  3. HI Mia
    Looks like everyone is having a fab time rebuilding the bivy.
    I ihope it stays up and doesn't fall over again!