Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I wake up one morning and I see no people. I know I have been abandoned. I look around the house and I see no one. I`m so devistated. I`m so hungry and I feel lost. I set out to find some food and a new home. I try to cross a road and a car comes. I just jump out of the way into the middle of the road. I am so scared. I can't move. I lie down on the spot, petrified. I spend at least half an hour lying down. I finally stand up and cars start to beep at me and drivers are yelling, "get off the road". I bark at one of the drivers and he pulls over at the side of the road. I take every chance I get to run over the road but I can not run very fast because I am so hungry. I run down the middle of the road . The man is chasing me and then I see a small gap in the cars. I run as fast as I can. Half way there I step on a very sharp stone and I am in so much pain but I keep on going. I made it over the road. I can hear the man cursing at me. Suddenly a man picks me up and takes me home. He keeps me. He feeds me and sets up a bed for me. I know He loves me to bits.

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  1. This is a super story Thomas. I'm glad it had a happy ending. You have managed to take your readers through lots of different emotions. Well done!