Thursday, August 9, 2012

Our Observatory trip...

Adventures, discoveries, challenges, learning, questioning with Amadeo and Ash:

Going to the Observatory was an exciting new experience and Ash and Amadeo taught me a lot about space and other planets. I can’t until I can put this information into my planet research. I still can’t believe how many different types of stars there were and that their life lasts for like 360 billion years -Ciara

The observatory trip was exciting though it was a little disappointing that we couldn’t see any stars or planets. I learned that when we see a shooting star it has a 33% chance of being frozen box of poo. I had a great time and awesome learning experience. Zara

When we first got to the observatory I thought that the observatory was going to be a big museum. I loved learning about other planets and how stars could blow up after a while! I also learned that how many moons each planet has. -Anahera

When I got to the observatory I thought it was going to be just one big place but it had three! I also learnt that when you see a comet it can be a rock, some sand or a box of poop. Gracin

When we got to the observatory it did not look very big at all but then we got inside and it looked bigger. I learnt that the sun is a very small  star. Thomas

I learned at the observatory that mercury is the closest to the sun. I also learnt that mercury orbits the sun faster than any other planets in the solar system. I loved the trip because the man told us about the big telescope. It was cloudy so we couldn’t look through the telescope.  Laura

I learnt that Jupiter and Venus are visible in the sky early morning North West over New Zealand.  I was very excited to get up early this morning, open my curtains and gaze at these planets.  I tried to work out how far away from earth they were.  I learnt so much about distance last night!  What a wonderful trip.  Mrs K.

I learned about how fast/slow the planets move around the sun. I also learnt about other galaxy’s suns. I didn't realize our sun is so small compared to other galaxies! I think you can see Venus in the morning and evening because I read about it somewhere. My favorite bit was when Amadeo showed us the video. Mia 

I learnt that the planets that are closer to the sun have quicker days and the planets that are further away from the sun have longer days. I also learnt that male astronauts have to pee in a tube and the females have to pee in a cup. They also have to wear a seatbelt so they don't fly off the seat. - Josh
At the Observatory I learnt lots about space like how big jupiter is compared the earth and then in the next photo jupiter looked tiny compared to the sun and what was even more amazing was that some stars are so big you can't see the sun compared to them. It was so fun cant wait to go back with my free pass. - Billy

At the Observatory I learned how big the sun and the planets are. When the stars blow up the big ones sometimes make black holes in space. Sometimes when you see a big star it is two stars close together. I also learnt that it takes 8.5 minutes for the light from the sun to get to earth. Alex

I found out that you can see  two planets in the morning and they are really clear . How do you know where all the planets in space? Janaya

I learnt that jupiter and venus are visible from earth and also comets speed around the sun and then leave. -Jake

I learnt that a shooting star is a floating box of poo. - Brya

I learnt that comets are icy rocks that melt in our atmosphere and then refreeze again - Jack

I learnt that all of the astronaut’s toxic waste goes into a sewage tank and every three weeks
they throw it out of the ship -Sam

I learnt that the sun is very big compared to earth. Then we saw the sun compared to other stars and the sun was 1 pixel. I really enjoyed the trip to the observatory an I leant that jupiter is bigger than the sun. Chelsea

I was great to go the observatory because we learnt a lot about space even though we didn't get to see stars or planets. I learnt that a shooting star may be poo.  I can't wait to go again. Georgia

I learnt about how the telescopes works and how big they are. I learnt why there are so many stars and how big the planets and stars are. Mason

You don't want to wish on a shooting star because it could be poo.  Ryan


  1. It's Fantastic to see so much new learning, sounds like everybody had an awesome time at the Observatory.

  2. That was a fun trip miss k and thank you. Janaya

  3. I can't wait to see through the teleope next. Janaya