Friday, August 3, 2012

N.A.S.A. food...

Today Mrs K came into the room 6 and showed us some space food that we would not normally eat on earth. She borrowed it from Room 1 from Hugo. It’s an ice cream sandwich from N.A.S.A. It has vanilla ice cream in it with 2 chocolate wafers and it is freeze dried ready to eat. It only weighs 31 grams. The total fat is 8 grams (13%)and protein (4 grams). 


  1. Hey Kaelen and Thomas
    I think I missed seeing the space food because I was at buddy time. Did the sandwich look nice?

  2. This is amazing!
    Is it supplied specially for Astronauts?
    Great story Kaelen and Thomas.

  3. Hi Ciara here
    when my mum and dad lived in america they went to the Smithsonian museum in Washington DC were they saw the space shuttle and you could buy astronaut food.
    So the bought freeze dried ice cream
    I wonder what it would taste like and does it taste like a real ice cream sandwich?

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  5. Check out Room 1s fantastic post! I wonder if anyone wants to go and interview them and find out what it tasted like?

    1. I checked out room 1's blog. It was great. I spent ages looking at there post about the visual drawings.