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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hi Room 6,

Today I was sick so I couldn't come to school. I was very dissapointed but I would hate to pass my bug on to one of my classmates.
I wasn't feeling well yesterday and now I have hay fever I am also coughing a lot and have a croaky voice. I hope that James
my brother has handed Mrs K. the sleepover notice for me. Even though I am sick that doesn't stop me from still learning. Have a fantastic day room 6, Michaela.:)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Glee Debate...

Michaela and Mia wanted to find out exactly why people like/dislike Glee (A Television show).

Reporter Mia
Answers, Michaela

Reporter: Why do you dislike Glee Michaela when it is so Awesome!
Answer: To be honest I don't like series/episodes because they are bad to watch and isn't suitable for all ages so it may put bad thoughts in your head or teach younger children bad words.
Reporter: Well than maybe younger children shouldn't watch it.
Answers:may I just say that only about 20% of their songs are their own
Reporter:that is not true
Reporter: have you ever actually watched it?
Answers:yes I have but after I watched it I found it inappropriate for our age
Reporter:what is your rating out of ten
Answers:probably a one it is boring and has rude scenes!

Reporter: Michaela
Answers: Mia

Reporter: What is so good about Glee?
Answer: It's funny and entertaining and gives you something to look foward to at the end of the week.
Reporter: But that something is TELEVISION! Don't you play sports? It is better to be outside than stuck inside on a beautiful day watching an episode that is on once every week and do others look forward to seeing A T.V PROGRAM!?
Answer: Well Michaela your'e right it is better to be outside playing sport but in case you haven't noticed all kids watch T.V.
Reporter: But what about those kids who don't have t.v's they won't be able to watch ANYTHING will they? And you probably watch a lot of other T.V shows during the week. More kids are inside watching Television or on the computer even on their play stations than being outside. It is healthy to be outside in the fresh air. Playing sport and being outdoors is good for your body. I recommend cricket, a great outdoor sport that gets you fit and healthy, you should try it.
Reporter: Out of ten where would you rate Glee? And why?
Answer: 10 out of 10 because GLEE IS AWESOME!

Comment and tell us who you think should win and why?
Thanks, Mia and Michaela. :)
I vote glee is awsome

I vote glee is awsome

The MAGIC of the ANZAC dawn ceremony....

Make your own slideshow at Animoto.

The ANZAC wall grows....

ANZAC dawn service...

Today I went to the ANZAC dawn service in Dunedin.

We had to get up at 5am.  It started at 6am.

James and I got to wear Great Grandad George's medals.

It was very amazing, first the soldiers led the march over to a big statue and their were bagpipes and drums playing.

The drums kept in time with the soldiers march. Then some of the Sergeants spoke a bit about how it felt to be in the war and asked us to imagine living day and night in those flooded trenches with flies and insects around you the enemy spying on you, and the risk of getting killed or even your mates getting killed. They were very brave to put their own lives in danger to fight for our country. At the end they let off two cannons, it was SO LOUD! It is the loudest thing I have ever heard, it made everybody jump and somebody's car alarm went off, then a lady fainted! There was a heap of dust and when it had cleared they let of four gunshots but not with bullets, just the gunpowder, but it was still VERY loud! After that the man asked us to imagine that we were one of those soldiers and we had to live for years with those hideously loud guns going off day and night. Cannons being fired and dead bodies everywhere.

After the service Dad took James and I to McDonald's and we had breakfast.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Today we went to the RSA to have a visit. There were a lot of people who died in the war.  I learnt a lot about the war. It was so sad.


Today we went to the R.S.A.  We learnt about Anzac day.
We learnt that it was not fun, it was very scary. A lot of people went to war but not all of them came back. It didn't feel good to kill. If there was not the war, things wouldn't be the same today.
We saw a lot of medals and photos of people who fought in the war.   

Going to the RSA

When we were walking into the R.S.A there were lots of knives and guns in a glass box. At the top there was also some old money that they used in the war. When you walked in the entrance there were some old newspapers.  They were about when the war was going on, saying make peace and stuff about the British Queen and who declared war which was Britain and France. There were lots of medals on the wall. All of the men who went to war, and there was a lot  of them that had died at the war or battle, it would be half of all of the men that served our country in great honour.  There was great big plaques on the top of all the walls or in a glass box with other things, like medals and books. In one glass case there were bullets and men's suits and armour.  There was a gigantic frame full of badges. It was really interesting because every single one has a different shape or size. There was also a man that was in the battle called Ray Currie.  He had a talk with us and he said that it was really hard for him to get through and everyday was like a year because the days were so long.  When we were walking back to school we saw a massive stone building and it had all of the names of people who had died in the war. Mrs K saw one of her friends that she knows from church and he was in the air force in World War 2 which is really amazing.  He was saying that you need to know a lot about the weather and what is high and what is low so you have to be pretty smart to take all of it in, but it would be cool to learn what is what.


To day we went to the R.S.A to learn all about the war. There was a guy there from the, way back. His name was Ray. Then I saw a guy on the wall called L. Jackson. After we had a little look around we went in a little room where there is a lot of war stuff. I tried on a war hat.  It was very big and it was very sore. When we left we saw a man from the war.  He told us about the war as well. It was very cool to learn about


Today we went to the RSA to meet some old soldiers that went to the War. Their names were Bing and R.W. Currie. They told us all about the War and what it was like back then. We asked them all sorts of questions. One of them was what did it feel like to shoot and kill someone? R.W Currie’s answer was “It didn’t feel nice at all!” We got some Rosemary on our way out.

Finding Outs.

·       War was a very dangerous place
·       It was did not feel very nice to kill someone
·       There were 2721 New Zealand soldiers that died

My feelings about the WAR!

War does not seem nice at all and it isn’t!
I feel so sad for the families with young boys that have died in the War. How must of it felt to get a telegram in the mail saying that your one or two or even three young boys have died or got killed in the War.


Today I learnt there are medals for lots of different things like bravery and for saving lives. They had to live in a trench for four years and stand in the mud. There was no going back. You had to stay and do your job. If a man dropped his gun other people can take it.


Today we went to the RSA. We went there to look at all of the medals, ammunition, model war ships and tin helmets. We meet Mr. Currie who served in the war.  He is 92. He was a soldier. We looked at some photos of other people who served in the war. I found some of Callum’s relatives. We had a person who greeted us at the door. He showed us around. The person who greeted us was Bing. Elvia told us some stories about the war.  


Today we went to the R.S.A and looked at medals and photos of people that died in the war. It was interesting to learn about the world war they were in and how many people survived and how many people went to war. I enjoyed looking at their helmets. I liked looking at how big their bullets were. We met Bing and he told us some amazing stories about World War 1 and World War 2. Then I went upstairs and saw millions of medals. I got rosemary, and it reminded me of the world war. We talked to people in the war or not in the war. We went into this room and saw helmets and a field gun shell. I looked around and then came back to put on the helmet and it was quite heavy.  Then I got to hold the field gun shell and it weighed more than the helmet. We went back and then went straight back into the room again. We asked brilliant questions and some got answered. We gave him a thank you and walked back. We went to go memorial and meet Mrs. K’s friend.  He told us a story about the war too and there were hundreds of people that died. On one side of the memorial it showed who died in World War 1 or 2.


Today we went to the R.S.A.  When we went in there, there were a lot of pictures of people that either died or lived.  Also there were men who came and talked to us about the war and Anzac day. I learnt that people that are the messengers on the Radios only get 2 seconds to come out of the trenches.
I learnt that Anzac means Australia and New Zealand army corps. I also learnt that it would be so hard living in a trench full of mud and everything. I learnt that Anzac biscuits have been around for a long time. I also learnt that there was a man called Simpson.  He had a donkey and he picked up during the war injured or dead people and took them to a doctor. One day he got shot and this very day people from New Zealand and Australia still visit his grave. I learnt that in the war there were no rules. Also in the war they use weapons that we are not allowed and don’t have now. I learnt that there were thousands of people that were in the war that never came back which was really sad. I learnt a lot today and I enjoyed it.


A good day today

Today we went to the R.S.A for a tour. When we got there a man called Bing was
standing at the door ready to start the tour. First we looked at all the weapons and a map of Gallipoli. Then he led us over to all the people who were in the war. He said that most of them died. There were a lot of people on the wall. Then my Nana came over to say hello. Then Nana gave us all a piece of rosemary. It smells really nice. After that we got to read a poem on the wall. We went into a room and looked at the war hats and lots of pictures. My Nana said that there was a picture of my Grandad on the wall and she showed me where it was. Bing took it down for me and my Nana and I got a picture together. Today was a good day and there was lots of learning.

The trench

Today at the R.S.A I found out the different meanings for different medals like for saving a life and for bravery. Bing told us about the war and after that we got to ask him some questions and he had really good answers for them. Bing also said that if a soldier dropped his gun he would have to go to jail. One thing I still can’t believe is they had to live in a trench for years and years.    


Today we went to learn about the war. At the R.S.A there are lots of weapons and ammo.  There were also lots of badges and photos of people from World War 1 and 2.  I saw a thing called an ode; it is sort of like prayer or a remembrance. After the R.S.A we went to Mosgiel war memorial.  There were a lot of names on the tower of people who died. At the R.S.A. I learnt that there are badges called sweetheart badges. I felt very sad for all the people who died.


Today we went to the R.S.A.  We got to learn a bit about ANZAC day and a lot about the war. We got to meet Mr. Currie.  He was in World War 2 and is now 92. We got to wear army helmets and see little models of boats. We also got some rosemary.  Some people got to see some relatives.  We had a man named Bing who greeted us at the doors.  We got to see tank shells and bullet shells.

The soldiers

The hats that the soldiers wore, felt like they were one ton. There are lots and lots of medals to be earned. I felt sad seeing the guns people got shot with. We got to see the fabric that would be on the medals to say what the medals were given for. The soldiers had to live in trenches that they made themselves. Once the soldiers were in the war they could not go home unless they were hurt.


On the 24th of April our class walked down to the R.S.A and made Anzac biscuits for the elderly. We took photos of people that were in the war and people that had died in the war with their medals. We also took photos of the medals that some of the soldiers were given. We learnt that the men in the war had to wear hard hats that were made out of metal. There was also a poem about the soldiers that had died in Flanders field. The poem that they wrote was for the men that died in the war and now are in Flanders field. They wore metal armor that protected there bodies. I wonder what it would be like to kill somebody. The soldiers slept in trenches night by night and were very uncomfortable. Later on a lady gave some Rosemary to every one in our class. The Rosemary smelt like rose petals. Some people took photos of other people wearing a metal hat. Some of the medals that were up on the wall belonged to some of the old people that were at the R.S.A but they didn’t really like to tell us about them. A man told us how the war started and how it finished it was very interesting. Some of the people found there great grandfathers picture up on the wall. I wonder what it would feel like to be in the war and to kill people. I think it would be horrible! There was also a sign that said “At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them”. The saying reminded me of my grandad. I can’t wait to go again.

ANZAC biscuits

Today I learnt how to make ANZAC biscuits that they ate a lot in the war because they last a long time. I also learnt about the trenches they had to live in. Imagine having to live in a hole you dug. How horrible! Yesterday we learnt about the young man, Simpson, who went to war as one of those people who carried the dead or injured to the nurses. Simpson kept on doing his duty even when he was in grave danger. In the end Simpson got shot. Now people from Australia and New Zealand go and visit his grave. Today we also went to the RSA who have lots of ANZAC helmets and medals and ANZAC memorabilia. We also talked to people that were either on the war or know lots about it. We asked lots of questions and they were happy to give us answers to our questions.


On the 24th April our class went to the RSA to learn about the war.  We met a man at the door.  I learnt that some people have sweetheart badges.  The man told us that the poppies are for all the men that got shot in the war. He said that the Second World War started when the enemy went into Poland so British went to war. In the war people had to wear thick helmets to stop the bombs from killing them.    

Learning about ANZAC

I learnt it was not nice to kill someone, and people don’t like to talk about it. I also learnt the first world war was six years long. They didn’t just use guns in the war, they used daggers. A man called Bing showed us around the RSA. On the way back we stopped at a small tower that has all the names of the people who died.        

Talking about the war...

Today we went to the R.S.A and we got a tour of the R.S.A. We got to look at the weapons they used. There were used gun shells and models of sunken ships. I don’t like to talk about war but today I did. I learnt that if you killed someone you could take their gun and use it if you had the right ammunition for it. We got to see a man who was 21 when he went in the war, his name was Ray and he said every day felt like a year.  He also said it was horrible to kill someone and I would rather not talk about it. Then we got to ask some questions about the war with a man named Bing. He answered most of our questions. 

RSA visit

Today we went to the RSA and meet Bing at the door. He gave us a tour of the RSA to find out about the men in the war and what they did. We took lots of photos of the old things in the war. The war sounded very sad. We also met Mr. Currie.  He told us what it was like to kill someone.  He said it was horrible and that he didn’t really want to talk about it. Bing then answered all of our questions about the war.  It was very fascinating and interesting.  

ANZAC day learning

I learnt it wasn’t good to kill and some people don’t like talking about it because it is very sad. There was a man and when he was in the war he was 21 and now he is 92.  He had to wear a very heavy helmet but it kept him protected. If a man lost a gun or other type of weapon he would find another one. Most of the men slept with their guns or other type of weapon. We saw Laura’s Nana and her Grandad was  in a picture and Laura and her Nana got a photo with the photo of her Grandad. I felt sad for the people that died and happy for the people that didn't. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Our ANZAC questions...

What does the poppy symbolize? -Mia

Why did we even have war?

Can't we just vote or something?

Were then any rules for war?

Were they allowed to kill the Medical helpers?

Are you only allowed a certain type of gun?

Did the countries have their own boundaries?

Or were you allowed ANYWHERE? -Michaela

Were there certain times when the shooting started?-Sam

What made everyone fight against each other? -Zara

I just love seeing the questions develop tonight...  I am soooo excited for 
baking ANZAC biscuits tomorrow and for visiting the RSA!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My AMAZING MAGIC learning time...

I have been at the most AMAZING conference in Auckland for two days.  The conference was at Albany Senior High School!  They have MAGIC learning spaces - including fishbowls!!!!  Check out some of the photos... can you spot me?
I will add some of my own photos soon....

Saturday, April 14, 2012


VERY excited to print out 3 new certificates today and to see five of you are very, very close to new certificates.  You really are wonderful carrying on your learning in the holidays.  Lots going on over at Study Ladder too......

The Lorax

Yesterday I went to see the Lorax with Anahera and it was really good!
It had a important message about trees. In some parts it was really sad but it ended happily.
The 3D was quite good and it was really funny.The moral of the story is unless somewone like you cares nothing is going to get better.
I totaly reccomend it to all ages! 
rating 8/10

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Grandma

My grandma was in hospital and they thought that she had a mini stroke so she had to stay in hospital for four days. I was very very worried and so was my family but it seemed that she was all right but they still had to keep her in hospital just in case something went wrong. After those four days she was a bit better but really tired. I am so happy she is home.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How animals see the world...


I just checked study ladder and was pleasantly shocked to see that 13 of you wonderful learners have carried on your learning in the holidays!!!
Then I got this AMAZING surprise - Mia has achieved 5 certificates - all the way up to this Bronze trophy!  Go Mia!

Netball Tournament

Hi Yesterday and today and tommorow I have a netball camp. Its heaps of fun! Tommorow we are having a tournament!


I have read two of the books Mrs K gave me.  The first one I read was called Where's Sunday.

Its a good book. It is about a girl and her puppy Sunday.  She goes to the beach. On the way back her little brother throws up so her dad stops the car so he can get out and get fresh air.


I past Janaya's house and Janaya asked if I wanted to stay at her house so I did. Janaya's cousin was there. Her cousin is called Katie. She is so cute.  When she left Janaya and I went for a run up the Main street and down Tay street. It took us 13 minutess and 30 seconds it is very fun. Then the next day Janaya came to town with me.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Guess where I've been tonight???

Have any of you been yet?  
I can't wait to talk to you about it!

Janaya and Chelsea are keeping fit in the holidays...

Today Chelsea and I went for a run up the Main Street and down Tay street and sprinted back to my house. We took 13 minutes and 30 seconds.  We were puffing hard out, we did not stop. Then we went again after tea.  Our aim is to go ever day and beat Michelle, Chelseas mum.

Maths promotion from Anahera...

I love tutpup! It is really fun!

You can vs people from all over the world!

I love tutpup because there is times, plus and even minus! its awesome. You should try it. You will have so much fun.  I went on study ladder and it was awesome you get to make your own avatar and play games that earn you points for your reward room! Also you get to play games like mathematics, music, literacy and some spelling and lots more! It is so fun.  It also helps you learn more and it will help you learn more about maths for example, if you're not good at maths and you don't know your 6 times tables it will help you know them and remember them in your mind and head!

Tut pup and study ladder are awesome!

Join now!

Autumn MAGIC!

We started the term throwing and playing with feathers and finished the term throwing and playing with leaves.  In between there sure was a whole lot of fun on our continuing learning journey!

What animal communities are you thinking about today???

Robot spots new marine species in Fiordland...

When I read this article in the ODT yesterday it got me thinking about human impact on environments.  What if we damage all the large black coral trees which shelter rock lobsters?  Where will the rock lobsters go?  Will they become endangered?  Do we think about what we are doing to the environments of our animal communities?
Click on the picture above to read the whole article.  This article also made me think about advances in technology.  Isn't it amazing that we can now use robots to discover fragile and protected species!  How can we use technology to find out more?

I also got thinking about this...

Today I drove down Gladstone Road and saw that they are clearing all around the swamp area by the new Heathfield sub-division.  I have lived over here for ten years and every day I drive or bike or walk past I see the ducks.  What will happen to them if we alter their environment?  

I hope these questions get you thinking about our learning for term 2.  What can we do to minimise our impact on environments?  Why do we value some animals and kill others?  Why do different countries value different animal species?  

I wonder who we can communicate with around the globe to discuss human impact on animal communities?

Let's celebrate JOSH!!!

Josh, you are a learning legend!  Josh has showed that he really is living the school vision.  He is confident, reflective, takes a risk and learns for life!  Josh has worked his way through to 100% accuracy with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  To complete these Josh had to answer all basic facts correctly in under 3 seconds!  Congratulations Josh, we are all very proud of you!  

Practice makes perfect...

Do you know this saying? I know some very switched on learners who do! Congratulations to the wonderful learners who are carrying on with their practice on Xtramath and Studyladder!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Egg MAGIC

Today is EASTER! Lorie stayed the night at my house and in the morning we started our hunt for Easter eggs. Soon we found our first clue.  It was in the letterbox and it read: Welcome to the Easter bunny hunt, follow the clues and you will find some eggs. First you will have to use your brains. And then use your legs. The first clue is very simple, the answer is quite near, you will find it quickly if you find Pooh Bear. With the clues we found Easter eggs. Next we ran inside and found Pooh Bear sitting on top of a picnic basket.  We couldn't find the clue anywhere! But then James discovered it in Pooh Bears T-shirt. The next clue said: You might think you are clever because you found this clue but the next one is a bit harder it is in someones new shoe. We knew that it was my new sneakers and we found the next clue: Now we're getting closer to finding something you like to eat the next place to look is under dad's favorite seat. We all rushed to the big brown leather chair and I peeked under it and there were some eggs and the next clue: This clue is much more tricky and you might lose the plot unless you can work out somewhere that gets very hot. It was the oven, but we had already found the eggs from there because when we went to cook Hot Cross Buns this morning we couldn't because there were Easter eggs in it. The next clue was : The next clue is a bit harder you will have to use your legs, it is not in the washing machine but it might be in the pegs. We had trouble with this one because we thought it was in the peg bucket but it wasn't. Then I remembered mums new peg holder and we digged through the pegs till we found our next clue: By now you should of found some eggs and travelled near and far but you might find some more eggs beside a loud guitar. Then we found more eggs beside one of dads electric guitars. Our last clue was a bit of a giveaway: Some of the chocolate eggs did not want to be eaten so they hid amongst the eggs which are designed to be beaten this is the last clue and it's nothing to do with legs.  The last of the chocolate ones are hidden with dads free range real eggs. We soon found this and when we looked at the treats that we had found we all gaped in amazement. The Easter egg hunt was fun. HAVE A HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!!! :)

Trampoline fall......

Yesterday Anahera's family and Lorie came over for dinner. We had hamburgers on the barbecue and all the kids played on the tramp. I started to jump really HIGH and then jump off. The second time I did it my foot got stuck in the trampoline pad and I went flying off the tramp. I could feel the smack as I hit the solid hard ground and I saw my leg in a cast, I didn't want a broken leg! I had landed on my hip. And I just lay there on the ground as I was too weak to move. I wanted to get up but I couldn't because I was almost frozen in the same position. Mum and Dad helped me up and I just lay down inside on the sofa but my thigh still really hurts :( OUCH

Our Assembly

I thought the assembly was awesome. I really wanted to do the Muppet song at the end of our assembly but I guess we didn't have enough time.  Our classes assembly was great. I really enjoyed talking about the records and showing my art and my Caterpillar life cycle .I loved the art that people showed and the records that they also showed to every body. They were fantastic! I was so nervous about talking in front of all those people but I got used to it after a while! I cant wait to see the other classes assembly and our next one if we even get time this year for another one! I cant wait!

Learning spaces

My favorite learning space is the cave because you can be in your own zone.  It is also quiet by yourself.  It is peaceful and you can concentrate on your work or what you are reading.  It is also really fun to be in and it is like you are in your own zone.  It is really cool and I find the difference that you can probably read more in the cave than on a deck.  I think that it is just that you can concentrate more and that is why the cave is my favorite learning space.

Its time to join the choir!

Its time to join the choir! I cant wait until it starts.  There are heaps of people in the choir. I think there are too many people! We had auditions to join the choir and we went to Silverstream to practice for our singing! I hope I do well?  A few days ago some people in the choir went to Silver stream to do some amazing singing! We sung video killed the radio star and the beetles medley. We stopped for a break at morning tea time and came back to school for lunch! It was so fun but it also took a long time though. I hope we do it next year when I am in choir. I wonder what's next for choir? Last year we had to sing in a theatre on a stage. I was so nervous but this year I feel a lot braver because I have done it before! I cant wait to see whats next!

Anyone want to watch the Panda

If you click on this link you can watch the Panda in the San Diego Zoo!  A great place to explore!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

YAY for Study Ladder

CONGRATULATIONS to Ciara, Jake, Janaya, Josh, Laura, Mia, Sam and Zack who have been learning and exploring on Studyladder!  I have soooo many certificates to hand out already!  I wonder who else will give it a go tomorrow.  What wonderful learners you are - really living the vision!  Confident, reflective, risktaking, lifelong learners!!!!  Learning throughout the holidays will give you such a boost!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Study Ladder...

How exciting for me to see that Jake, Laura and Sam have already earned Study Ladder certificates!  Congratulations to you all!  And I have just had one very clever learner send me a message for his log-in details because he forgot to take them home.  If any of you forgot your log-ins, please send me a wiki message or email and I will send them to you!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


We've had an awesome time with Mrs D this term learning all about statistics.  We have all conducted our own surveys.  Check out these amazing examples....

Awesome skype sessions with Rosmini College.

We are loving our weekly Skype sessions with Rosmini College.  This week we learnt about Fire Safety.  22 of us said we were going to go home and check our fire alarms.  I wonder if we did?

We are so proud of all our wonderful cricketers in Room 6!

My cricket season

On Monday 2nd April I had my cricket prize giving. My team is the Taieri Phoenix and we were third up. Josh got best batsman, Sam got all-rounder, Mason got best bowler and Mitchell got most improved player . Unfortunately I didn`t get anything except a Metro badge to put on my Taieri cap. The season was great. However I was proud to be selected for a Metro team.

The MAGIC of our online world...

Today is the last day of term!  Now the holidays begin.  I am sooooo excited to see how many of our wonderful learners have been online tonight and how much has been posted in the wiki!  Well done!  What wonderful life long learners you are.  I was very excited to see that Sam, Laura, Jake and Ciara have already been working on study ladder!  YAY

Billy B Brown website

After reading Janaya's fantastic book review, I thought you might like to check out this great site.  Please let me know what you think...

Billy B Brown


Last night I read a great book, I will tell you about the book. It was calld Billy B Brown the midnight feast.  Its about a girl named Billy and a boy named Jack.Billy got a new tent and she wanted to sleep in Jack's backyard with him. Her dad took the tent to Jack's house. Jack got a packet of chips for the night and Billy got a big bag of marshmallows for a midnight feast.Jack keeps asking what is the time.  He really wanted the marshmallows. Billy said "what is the time?" Jack looked at his watch.  Billy said not yet Jack. Jack kept the torch on. He kept looking at his watch. Jack heard a growl.  He woke Billy. Billy was very scared. Billy and Jack stayed close together. Jack's Dad heard them screaming and came out. Jack's Dad said do you want to come inside to stay. Billy and Jack wanted to stay in the tent but thay were scared.  Billy said can we put the tent inside. Jack's Dad said ok. Billy and Jack slept in the tent inside.

Stunning Tagxedo...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Metallica lives on an abandoned space craft and astronauts have come back with complaints about him. Metallica has springs for legs for soft landings, short arms and 3 fingers and his nails are squares. He has feet like gumboots and a body shaped like a can of spaghetti. He has one eye and a head shaped like a rugby ball and he is a happy robot. His ears have tv aerials and he has helicopter propellers coming out of his head. 
He comes from Pluto.

Metallica story

Metallica has long springy legs that are made for soft landings,and a body like a can of baked beans.  His head is shaped like a rugby ball with one huge eye, triangular ears with antennae sticking out of them. He has square finger nails and two propellers for a hat. He lives in space in an abandoned space station with all his friends. 

Dragon adventure number eighteen...

My dragons name is Jimmy.  He has a long tail and big small mouth. He is a cool little wee thing but very nice.  He can be very naughty but he is very nice. He likes to play a lot and heve fun. He looks like a worm but he is not. He lives in the jungle.  Sometimes he get carried away and has too much fun and gets tired and has to sleep in his bed.

Switcheroo Zoo

On Tuesday the 27th a few people went to Elm Grove School to present and some people went to attend. I presented. One of my favorite things that I learnt and had fun with was called switcherroo Zoo. We mixed and matched different animals together. There were all sorts of different kinds of animals that people had made. Some had dog heads, rhino bodies and pig legs. People were really creative. It was a lot of fun. We also got to make a habitat for our animals that we each made! There were also fantastic activities that were about animals like you had to find out where the animal was. I guessed most of them but most I got right. I loved switcheroo Zoo because you can switch around animals. You can connect and match animals and make a creative animal that people have never seen before! I love switcheroo Zoo! I hope I can go next year!       


On the 27th of March 10 kids from room6 went to a TED day. 7 of us presented and 3 if us went to it. Josh and I presented together and we presented photopeach. You can take some photos and make something like a photo story with your photos. I was nervous at the start but after I started presenting I felt a lot better. I think it went well and I hope they take their new Knowledge home and share it with their family.

Our Assembly

On Friday we had room 6’s assembly. We sang Mrs D’s songs first, then we had room 4 sing their songs. That was fun. I got lots to share. I shared my creature, Koru art, glitter art and my caterpillar life cycle. I introduced the assembly and I also talked about how we made the family Koru art. Our class showed how we learn about the daily five. My favourite bit was when we showed our glitter art. It had lots of glitter on it and it was fun making it too.   


Dragon Adventure number seventeen...

My dragon is a ninja.  He is called KJ. He like to scooter on half pipes and skate parks. He plays soccer every Saturday and practice is on Thursday.  He lives on a farm and goes to St Mary's.

Callum's Learning Space Reflection

Jack's Learning Space Reflection

Zack's learning space reflection

Dragon Adventure number sixteen!

Wrecks the dragon

Wrecks lives on a volcanic island and always goes swimming in the lava.
He eats one billion sea dragons for breakfast.
He lives in a gigantic cave with lava pools everywhere.
He slaughters everything that comes in to his territory unless it is another dragon of his kind or his pal Stinky (Billy's dragon).
Wrecks also wrecks anything he hates on his island.
Wrecks has a huge appetite because he is one billion times a sea dragons size.
When wrecks is annoyed his skin grows spikes and spikes also grow out of his tail and his fangs grow huge.
His favourite thing to do is kill smaller dragons. His other favourite thing to do is torture sea dragons that come too close to his island.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Giggle Poetry for the holidays...

Check out this great site!

I am sure this site will be very useful to you as you seek and search and challenge yourself to learn more about the ANZACs.

Metallica story

Metallica has springy feet that can bounce 15 feet.
Metallica has a shaped head of a rugby ball and likes rugby.
Metallica likes every sport on earth and also loves watching.
Metallica likes reading every night and sometimes in the car.
Metallica hates homework because it takes too long. 
Metallica likes cake and hates monsters.
Metallica has a tin body which is very cool.
Metallica is also doing 2 ICAS exams. They are math and computer skills.
Metallica got into the Dunedin rep team.

ps.he likes pretty much everything

Dragon Adventure number fifteen...

My dragons name is Stevin,  He is a water dragon and can swallow twenty viking ships with out knowing. He has gone on Easter holiday to Romania where he originally grew up. He is also looking foward to meeting his parents again. Hopefuly he will meet some of his old friends and tell me what they are like. He will get back in May and tell me about his adventure.

Dragon Adventure number fourteen...

Pepper and Norberts Stories

Warning in all storys Pepper and sometimes Norbert get up to mischief...

Fact Files

Pepper goes to a Carnival

One day a carnival came to Dragonwood. Everybody was very excited especially Pepper! He had never been to a carnival before but had heard it was great...
food, drink, rides of all sorts imaginable and heaps more free stuff! Pepper was espacially looking forward to all the shows that there would be. He talked about nothing but the carnival and what he would do when he got there. Finally his parents blew it! "Okay'' shouted his Mum angrily " Look I know you are excited but would you put a sock in it for at least a minute!" Pepper went off and sulked for about half an hour and then got over it quite guickly when he smelt tea. Mmmm... A nice healthy roast human!
The next day was the carnival! Pepper was hypo running round the cave singing very out of tune, " Lalalalala Carnival today" sang Pepper over and over again. " Will you do me a favour" moaned Pepper's brother Norbert " and shut your pie hole!" Pepper might of felt hurt if his Mum had said that but Norbert was a different case! He simply poked his tounge out and carried on singing!
They were at the Carnival. He had ended up saving $65 from his pocket money and his Mum and Dad had given everyone $10.
The carnival was bizzare! Colours flying everywhere. Reds, Oranges,Yellows and heaps more! Mum and Dad had given everyone an amount of time to themselves to go around the store! Pepper went off with Norbert around the place. 

Pepper Steals!!!

One cloudy day Pepper and Norbert were playing in the Orchard. Then Loreeta the sweet dragon came up to the boys and asked if they wanted to buy some sweets for dragons. They searched their bags. "I can't believe it'' exclaimed Pepper ''I don't have a cent on me''. ''Oh well boys'' sighed the Sweet lady '' You can get some later if you have any money then''. And off she went to some other dragons. ''WELL... '' whispered Norbert '' Do you want a sweet?'' '' Dur of course I do'' replied Pepper. ''Well then go and get some and get some for me!'' "But isn't that stealing'?' asked Pepper. ''Well err... Nope. Come On just two, one for me and one for you'' Norbert moaned. ''PLEASE!!!!'' ''But why can't you do it?''asked Pepper. ''Well I already... Oh just do it'' said Norbert impatiently. "Fine but you owe me big!" replied Pepper. Off Pepper went creeping up to the sweet trolley ( Loreeta had temporarily abandoned the trolley) When no one was looking Pepper popped up and took two sherbet lemons. "YES! you got them" said Norbert in joy. Then he snatched one off Norbert and scoffed it! " Mmm thats good!'' Pepper quickly popped his sweet into his mouth in case Norbert was thinking of eating his one too! In bed that night Peper had a squirmy feeling in his tummy. He did not like stealing it made him feel guilty and he did'nt like that one bit! He promised himself thata he would never steal again!


Many people think sharks are MAN EATINGBLOOD THIRSTYKILLER CREATURES!!!!!! Right? But they're NOT. Believe it or not sharks are probably my FAVORITE marine animal. They fascinate me despite their mean looking eyes and killer teeth that are made to shred and rip meat. In my spare time you will catch me watching shark attack T.V shows and everyone that I have watched ends in telling us why the shark attacked. Usually sharks mistaken people for seals or when you are splashing around they may think that you are prey that is in distress or injured.

So before swimming in the ocean make sure that you know what to do to prevent a shark attack or what to do in an attack:

  • Are you injured or bleeding? Yes/No

  • Do you have trouble swimming? Yes/No

  • Do you know what to do if an attack happens? Stay calm and try to keep breathing normally when you reach the surface raise your arm up high and try to hit shark in the eye (this usually makes shark release you is you are in its mouth) Don't worry if you can't hit its eye just don't take the risk that it may tear your arm off. And remember: it is very normal to panic but try your best to calm yourself.

  • Swim with a group, Sharks normally attack when you are swimming alone but when you are in a group they will know that they defenseless against you because you are with others that will help you.

REMEMBER: Before you get in the water make sure that you KNOW about the area you are swimming in, you never know, you could be swimming in a shark feeding ground!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!