Sunday, April 8, 2012

Trampoline fall......

Yesterday Anahera's family and Lorie came over for dinner. We had hamburgers on the barbecue and all the kids played on the tramp. I started to jump really HIGH and then jump off. The second time I did it my foot got stuck in the trampoline pad and I went flying off the tramp. I could feel the smack as I hit the solid hard ground and I saw my leg in a cast, I didn't want a broken leg! I had landed on my hip. And I just lay there on the ground as I was too weak to move. I wanted to get up but I couldn't because I was almost frozen in the same position. Mum and Dad helped me up and I just lay down inside on the sofa but my thigh still really hurts :( OUCH


  1. Ouch Michaela, that sounds really painful. I hope it starts to feel better soon. I hope you are having a great Easter!
    Mrs K

  2. Poor you Michaela!