Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Robot spots new marine species in Fiordland...

When I read this article in the ODT yesterday it got me thinking about human impact on environments.  What if we damage all the large black coral trees which shelter rock lobsters?  Where will the rock lobsters go?  Will they become endangered?  Do we think about what we are doing to the environments of our animal communities?
Click on the picture above to read the whole article.  This article also made me think about advances in technology.  Isn't it amazing that we can now use robots to discover fragile and protected species!  How can we use technology to find out more?

I also got thinking about this...

Today I drove down Gladstone Road and saw that they are clearing all around the swamp area by the new Heathfield sub-division.  I have lived over here for ten years and every day I drive or bike or walk past I see the ducks.  What will happen to them if we alter their environment?  

I hope these questions get you thinking about our learning for term 2.  What can we do to minimise our impact on environments?  Why do we value some animals and kill others?  Why do different countries value different animal species?  

I wonder who we can communicate with around the globe to discuss human impact on animal communities?

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