Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ANZAC dawn service...

Today I went to the ANZAC dawn service in Dunedin.

We had to get up at 5am.  It started at 6am.

James and I got to wear Great Grandad George's medals.

It was very amazing, first the soldiers led the march over to a big statue and their were bagpipes and drums playing.

The drums kept in time with the soldiers march. Then some of the Sergeants spoke a bit about how it felt to be in the war and asked us to imagine living day and night in those flooded trenches with flies and insects around you the enemy spying on you, and the risk of getting killed or even your mates getting killed. They were very brave to put their own lives in danger to fight for our country. At the end they let off two cannons, it was SO LOUD! It is the loudest thing I have ever heard, it made everybody jump and somebody's car alarm went off, then a lady fainted! There was a heap of dust and when it had cleared they let of four gunshots but not with bullets, just the gunpowder, but it was still VERY loud! After that the man asked us to imagine that we were one of those soldiers and we had to live for years with those hideously loud guns going off day and night. Cannons being fired and dead bodies everywhere.

After the service Dad took James and I to McDonald's and we had breakfast.


  1. Dear Michaela
    I like how you imagined what it was like if you were a soldier in the horrible war. I hope you had a nice time.

  2. Dear Room 6

    I think it’s really good that your class are learning about ANZAC Day and the meaning behind it. I went to a Dawn Service in Napier at 4.00am one year and it was great.

    What did you learn about ANZAC Day? Do you know what ANZAC stands for?

    From your blogging buddy
    Aimee, Room 24 at Taradale Intermediate School