Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Going to the RSA

When we were walking into the R.S.A there were lots of knives and guns in a glass box. At the top there was also some old money that they used in the war. When you walked in the entrance there were some old newspapers.  They were about when the war was going on, saying make peace and stuff about the British Queen and who declared war which was Britain and France. There were lots of medals on the wall. All of the men who went to war, and there was a lot  of them that had died at the war or battle, it would be half of all of the men that served our country in great honour.  There was great big plaques on the top of all the walls or in a glass box with other things, like medals and books. In one glass case there were bullets and men's suits and armour.  There was a gigantic frame full of badges. It was really interesting because every single one has a different shape or size. There was also a man that was in the battle called Ray Currie.  He had a talk with us and he said that it was really hard for him to get through and everyday was like a year because the days were so long.  When we were walking back to school we saw a massive stone building and it had all of the names of people who had died in the war. Mrs K saw one of her friends that she knows from church and he was in the air force in World War 2 which is really amazing.  He was saying that you need to know a lot about the weather and what is high and what is low so you have to be pretty smart to take all of it in, but it would be cool to learn what is what.


  1. Hi Ciara I really enjoyed going to the R.S.A I learnt alot about the war.

  2. Wat a good stoy Ciara I injoy it from Ryan