Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dragon Adventure number sixteen!

Wrecks the dragon

Wrecks lives on a volcanic island and always goes swimming in the lava.
He eats one billion sea dragons for breakfast.
He lives in a gigantic cave with lava pools everywhere.
He slaughters everything that comes in to his territory unless it is another dragon of his kind or his pal Stinky (Billy's dragon).
Wrecks also wrecks anything he hates on his island.
Wrecks has a huge appetite because he is one billion times a sea dragons size.
When wrecks is annoyed his skin grows spikes and spikes also grow out of his tail and his fangs grow huge.
His favourite thing to do is kill smaller dragons. His other favourite thing to do is torture sea dragons that come too close to his island.

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  1. Awesome story!
    But whose is it?