Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Glee Debate...

Michaela and Mia wanted to find out exactly why people like/dislike Glee (A Television show).

Reporter Mia
Answers, Michaela

Reporter: Why do you dislike Glee Michaela when it is so Awesome!
Answer: To be honest I don't like series/episodes because they are bad to watch and isn't suitable for all ages so it may put bad thoughts in your head or teach younger children bad words.
Reporter: Well than maybe younger children shouldn't watch it.
Answers:may I just say that only about 20% of their songs are their own
Reporter:that is not true
Reporter: have you ever actually watched it?
Answers:yes I have but after I watched it I found it inappropriate for our age
Reporter:what is your rating out of ten
Answers:probably a one it is boring and has rude scenes!

Reporter: Michaela
Answers: Mia

Reporter: What is so good about Glee?
Answer: It's funny and entertaining and gives you something to look foward to at the end of the week.
Reporter: But that something is TELEVISION! Don't you play sports? It is better to be outside than stuck inside on a beautiful day watching an episode that is on once every week and do others look forward to seeing A T.V PROGRAM!?
Answer: Well Michaela your'e right it is better to be outside playing sport but in case you haven't noticed all kids watch T.V.
Reporter: But what about those kids who don't have t.v's they won't be able to watch ANYTHING will they? And you probably watch a lot of other T.V shows during the week. More kids are inside watching Television or on the computer even on their play stations than being outside. It is healthy to be outside in the fresh air. Playing sport and being outdoors is good for your body. I recommend cricket, a great outdoor sport that gets you fit and healthy, you should try it.
Reporter: Out of ten where would you rate Glee? And why?
Answer: 10 out of 10 because GLEE IS AWESOME!

Comment and tell us who you think should win and why?
Thanks, Mia and Michaela. :)
I vote glee is awsome

I vote glee is awsome


  1. I go with Mia because Glee is so cool


    1. But what do you like about Glee? Ciara
      Glee is so cool doesn't tell us much.
      Thanks :)

  2. I agree with Mia to.I think Glee is very funny!
    -Mrs Dodson

  3. I totally vote GLEE ROCKS!
    I am on Mia's side this time

  4. Hello Mia and Michaela,

    It was wonderful to read your interviews containing very different opinions of the same show.

    I have seen some episodes of Glee and tend to enjoy their performances but don't enjoy the nasty teacher who always seems to try to sabotage the Glee performances. If she were a real teacher, she would be removed because a teacher's role is to support students not let personal prejudices influence their behaviour.

    If a show like Glee can encourage others to sing and dance, it's a positive but some parents may not like aspects of the show. It is targeted more towards teens so smaller children might be better off not watching. Perhaps younger children might enjoy listening to their music available through iTunes.

    The art of interview is interesting to learn. A good interviewer knows how to get answers from sometimes unwilling interviewees. Well done!

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

    1. Thank you Mr Mannell,
      I agree with the teacher being a bit strict!:)
      But their music is okay.
      I just don't like how they copy others' songs.

    2. I don't like Glee.
      James, Michaela's brother.

    3. Dear Mr Mannell,
      Thanks for the comment and I agree with you that Sue (the nasty teacher) is not very nice and in a real school the princple would not hire her (even if she is quite funny).

  5. I dont like glee because it has inappropriate scenes.
    I am on Michaelas side sorry Mia.
    My Mum and Dad don't like it either I asked them.


  6. Hi Mia Michaela
    I asked Jenny and she doesn't like glee.
    Michaela you know who she is.


  7. Hi guys
    Im sorry to say but I agree with Michaela. I have watched it few times and I don,t really like it. My sister does though


  8. Hi Mia and Michaela.
    I do like Glee but sometimes it is has a few inappropriate scenes! But it is a good programme to watch!
    Jenny G

  9. Hi MIchaela
    I like glee because the singing is really good.
    You both did a great job at this debate and I hope every one replys.


  10. Cool debate but I dont really like glee that much.

  11. Hi Mia and Michaela I am a fan of glee too.Janaya

  12. Hi Michaela and Mia I thought it was an awesome debate but I don't like Glee

  13. Glee is a cool show
    By Brya

  14. Hi Mia and Michaela
    Great debate but i think glee is awesome.


  15. Hi guys
    Glee rocks
    favorite character for me is Sue!

  16. Hi guys, Mia and I have agreed to make a challenge,:
    Get EVERYBODY in the class to comment on the Glee debate
    telling us whose side they are on.) At the end of the week we will announce who has won on Monday. The Loser has to buy the winner
    a chocolate bar. If we complete this mission than there may be a little surprise in class next week.............

  17. Hey guys
    thanks for the comments!
    At the moment I am winning!
    So more people like Glee than dont (we are also counting Anahera's parents and Laras sister :D )
    I hope we can get everywone to vote because the prize for the class is very yummy!

  18. I wonder how many people left have ti dicide it will be nerve recking


  19. COME ON ROOM 6!
    We need EVERYBODY to comment please.

  20. Hi guys,
    the score is this...
    Michela (Glee bad ) 13 votes
    Mia (Glee good ) 15 votes!
    Michela youo know owe me a chocolate bar! :)

  21. Dear Michaela and Mia

    I think this is a really good debate. It has good questions and has two very different opinions. I think that it was good that you switched around being the reporter and answering the questions. I agree with Michaela’s point of view but I still like to be inside sometimes. I have watched Glee a couple of times and it can be good but I don’t watch it all of the time.

    From your blogging buddy
    Aimee, Room 24 at Taradale Intermediate School