Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A good day today

Today we went to the R.S.A for a tour. When we got there a man called Bing was
standing at the door ready to start the tour. First we looked at all the weapons and a map of Gallipoli. Then he led us over to all the people who were in the war. He said that most of them died. There were a lot of people on the wall. Then my Nana came over to say hello. Then Nana gave us all a piece of rosemary. It smells really nice. After that we got to read a poem on the wall. We went into a room and looked at the war hats and lots of pictures. My Nana said that there was a picture of my Grandad on the wall and she showed me where it was. Bing took it down for me and my Nana and I got a picture together. Today was a good day and there was lots of learning.

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  1. Hi Laura
    I like your story Laura. I like the picture of you and your Nana. I think it is great to see a picture of him.