Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Lorax

Yesterday I went to see the Lorax with Anahera and it was really good!
It had a important message about trees. In some parts it was really sad but it ended happily.
The 3D was quite good and it was really funny.The moral of the story is unless somewone like you cares nothing is going to get better.
I totaly reccomend it to all ages! 
rating 8/10


  1. Yay, Exciting to hear you and Anahera went to the Lorax. I absolutely loved it! I think it has such a wonderful message. I plan for us to work quite a lot of some of the ideas from the movie next term. I hope you are enjoying the holidays. I am away to Auckland in the morning for a week of learning! I have two conferences up there and am sure to come back with loads of exciting ideas!
    Mrs K

  2. Awesome story Mia sounds like you guys had a heap of fun! :)

  3. That sounds really fun.
    you must have lots of fun


  4. Hi Mrs K!
    The Lorax movie is so awesome.
    I wrote a review on it on my wiki space and blog.