Monday, December 31, 2012

Thank you for continuing to visit....

Thank you to the amazing class of 2012 who were a pleasure and an inspiration to learn alongside!

Thank you all very much for your support throughout our amazing learning year in 2012! 

This blog remains open as a record of our incredible year.

Although, I am no longer in class with these amazing learners, it is very powerful for us to continue to share our journey.  

I hope that visitors to the blog are able to learn from our journey!

This tagxedo is a record of our blog....

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bottle Bivy Pack up

Today in class we had to destroy the bottle bivy for when the school moved. Instead of throwing the bottles out we recycled them. We made pooper scoopers, but you can also use them to clean out the house spouting. We gave them to all the classes at school. They all said " Thank you". I think it was more fun destroying the bottle bivy more than buiding it.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A new look....

A busy night last night and an early start and our classroom block is edging closer to ready for the move...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12 A very memorable day...

Today was the day!  We had to be out of class by 3pm!  What an amazing effort to get the class clear and the bottle bivvy repurposed!  

We cut the bottles down into pooper scoopers and gave one to everyone in the school.  Then we took time out for a shared lunch!

A bit of a Christmas gift making session in the afternoon - then the final move of the furniture and hey presto - one very empty learning space.

A visit from Hayden to recycle the remainder of the bottle bivy!
And suddenly our class was surrounded with workmen - and the action sure began....

I left at 6pm.  I can only imagine what it is going to look like tomorrow.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped out today especially Sandra, Jacquie and Phillipa.  We just wouldn't have made it out today on time without your awesome help!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Beach ed

Today room 6 and 5 went to Brighton beach for not just a swim but to learn about how we can keep safe in the water. When we arrived and got off the bus we went upstairs and were greeted by two life guards who took us through the basics of keeping ourselves safe around water. Then we had to say the 6 words that we had to do. (Slip) on some togs or other clothes suitable for the beach. (Slop) on some sun screen, it had to be SPF 30 plus. (Slap) on a hat to keep our face safe from the sun. (Wrap) on a peer of sunnies for eye protection against the sun. (Slurp) a nice cold water to keep ourselves hydrated . And finally (slide) under some shade like and beach umbrella or tree. After having lunch and playing around it was finally time for a swim. We got into our togs and wetsuits and ran in. We did all sorts of stuff like duck diving, just running out there but my favourite was the body surfing. Then it was time to go back. I think everyone really enjoyed it.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Room 6 is an AMAZING class!

I am so incredibly proud of you all.  What a wonderful sort out today!  I am looking forward to more sorting tomorrow and a whole lot more Christmas MAGIC!  I have four Christmas CDs in my bag so we will be rocking around the Christmas tree tomorrow.... It is going to be so exciting to see our classroom block move over the road at the weekend!  What a wonderful new beginning...

Christmas came to Room 6 today...

A lovely Christmas Angel came to my class today with a wonderful treat, her own homegrown strawberries just for me.  Thank you Angel Sara!  I LOVE strawberries!

Surveys to complete please

Hi there,
Can you all please visit the wiki tonight and complete the surveys.  I would really appreciate your input and your parents to present to the Board on Wednesday night.  Thanks.

The Christmas Story Told by Year 1 class in Auckland

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Check out explainia

Fun at the end of swimming lessons...

I am hoping that some of you will write about your swiming lessons.  Check out this photo!  Maybe some of you will write about the fun at the end of the lessons...

A great spelling app to download...

This app looks great to download if you want to practice your spelling... 

Friday, December 7, 2012

In the ocean

Finally we got in the ocean!  It was so cold out of the water that it didn't really feel too bad getting into the surf!  We had a fabulous day!  Nicole and Garrett were the best life guards we have ever had.  We all learnt so much and had a fabulous day!