Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Maths fun...

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

All Blacks visit

Today we went to Peter Johnstone Park. We saw the mighty All Blacks. We saw Tamiti Ellison, Ben Smith and Andrew Hore who were all Highlanders. We also had Ben Franks who was a Crusader. After the presentation we got our autographs. Our whole class got a photo with the All Blacks. The first all Black I went to was Ben Smith. Ben Smith's Dad works at Placemakers. My dad knows his Dad. Ben Smith was from Abbotsford. I next went to Andrew Hore This line was really big. I was waiting for about three minutes. I finally got there. Andrew was from the Manitoto. I next went to the mighty Tamiti Ellison. I got his autograph. Tamiti was from Wellington. I next went to the tough prop Ben Franks. Ben was from Canterbury, 

All blacks

Today at school we went to Peter Johnston  park to see the All Blacks. I couldn’t wait to see them. When we got there Andrew Hore was there and Tamiti.  We got to have a photo and an autograph from them. There were five schools there so it took a long time to get their autographs.  It was so cool to see them.  

         The All Black Surprise  

Today the All Blacks came to Peter Johnstone Park to tell us where they were raised and other stuff about themselves. Four all blacks came, there was Tamati Ellison, Andrew Hore, Ben Smith and Ben Franks. The All Blacks took a photo with every school that came, St Mary's School got their photo taken second. When that was done, the All Blacks were going to sign some signatures. They were signing lots of things rugby balls, t-shirts and some posters.  I had nothing for the All Blacks to sign so I got a poster that has all the signatures on it and I’m going to put it on my wall in my bed room when I get home.


All blacks

Today room 6 & 7 went to Peter Johnston Park to see some of the All Blacks.  The All Blacks that were there were Tamiti Ellison, Ben Smith, Andrew Hore and Ben Franks. When we first got there we were all excited to see them. Then we got a group photo with the All Blacks. We had to line up to get their autographs. It was a great time.  

Harley Ride

On the 28th of October the school fair was on.  There was food, plants, tombola and lots of fun.  The first ride I went on was the Harley Davidson. I got my helmet on and away we went fast. We went past the church and past Thomas' place and back. Thank you I said.  

All Blacks! (Well four at least!)

Today we had something unexpected like a visit from four ALL BLACKS!!!!
Their names were Tamati Ellison, Ben Smith, Ben Franks and Andrew Hore.
We walked for about twelve minutes to get to Peter Johnston Park and on the way we saw Green Street kindy kids and some Taieri college kids. When we had arrived we got a poster to get signed and after that we went straight back to school.

All Black Visit

Today we walked to Peter Johnstone Park to see the All Blacks. First they all said where they came from.  It was pretty interesting to know what school they came from. After they had spoken we had to line up to see them and have an autograph.  You could get an autograph from Andrew Hore, Tamati Ellison, Ben Smith and Ben Franks. Everybody got a free poster and four autographs if they wanted them. Ben Franks had to leave early because he is from Christchurch and had to get on the plane. After we got our autographs we walked back to school.

Black surprise!

Today I had a huge surprise because I saw the All Blacks, but not just me that got a surprise, the whole class. We got to see the All Blacks up close. There was only four of them. There was Tamiti Ellison, Ben Smith, Andrew Hore and Ben Franks. I adore them all. My favourite one was Tamiti Ellison because he is really good at rugby and tries his best. When we got there we had to wait about 20 minutes until they finished their morning tea break. After they were finished we got to see them.  They had to tell us where they came from and what their name was and what and how they got into rugby. I enjoyed watching them talk because I was interested in what they were saying. After they had finished talking we got to get their autographs. I love the all blacks.     


A complicated situation.

On the 30th of October right before morning tea some of the class rooms walked down to Peter Johnson Park. There were four members of the All Blacks there to meet and greet us outside the fields. We waited for the autographs for either one or two hours. The names of the All Blacks were Ben Smith, Ben Franks,  Andrew Hore, and Tamiti Ellison.

There were at least five schools. Each school got a group photo and autographs on a huge poster! I waited an hour in different lines to get heaps of autographs! Some people got knuckles or hugs.  I had a fantastic time and I hope to go back next year!         

The day the All Blacks came to town

On Tuesday we went to Peter Johnstone park to meet  four of the All Blacks. They were Ben franks, Ben Smith, Andrew Hore and Tamiti Ellison. When we got there we had to wait ten minutes because they were having a manly cup of tea. First they said something about themselves then they went off to their tables and big lines were formed.

The first line I  went in to was Andrew Hore. I asked if I could have a hug from Ben Smith and Tamiti  Ellison. I knuckles from Ben Smith. There was a guy there that said we were only allowed one autograph, but I think every one there got four. I had a great time there.  It was getting to see them in real life because I've only seen them on T.V. 

School Fair

                  The fair
At the fair I started off playing with Thomas. After that we went to the triage tent that gave people gruesome cuts, black eyes and more. Then I went and watched Sam get his nails and face painted as a butterfly.  When I was walking round I found Jonty and played with him.  We went to the bungee run and I won a sparkling lemon and he won a cola. We had a heap of fun. The fair was really cool.                                             

School Fair

On Sunday I went to the school fair. My three favorite things were the money golf, Bungy run and tombola. I like the bungy run because you can go and get a drink, but you had to work for it by pulling the bungy. The challenge was fun. I also like the tombola because you can win things but you are not sure what you are  going to win. I bought ten tickets and won a prize. I also like the money golf because if you are low on money you can go and win more. If you are not very good at golf you can still get it because the money is close.       

Fun at the fair

On Sunday morning at the fair Mum and I set up the nail polish. I got blue and pink with purple flowers. But they came off and took the nail polish. I saw Chelsea and we went to dunk a senior.  We dunked Jaylah. Jaylah was annoyed when I hit her. And I hit Kyle too! When I was in line, I saw my aunty with my cousin. I took her in the bouncy castle.  She screamed all the way.

The fair fun

On Sunday I went to the fair. It was a great day for the fair. It was lots of fun. At the fair there was a triage so Ciara, Zara, Mia and I all raced over to the Triage. I got a cut on my face and a black eye. It looked real!

Ciara, Zara and I went in the caterpillar. It was lots of things that you can explore. It was lots of fun.  We went in it three times. The fair was lots of fun

The amazing school fair

On the 28 of October St Mary's had their school fair. There were lots of different activities. My favorite activities were Soak a senior, Pippity Pop and the Tombola.

I watched Mrs Matheson and Mrs Baines do soak a senior. I had lots of fun. For lunch I had hot chips and a spider. That was yum. We got our nails done very pretty.

We had a lovely day at the fair!

The Awesome Fair

At the fair there were lots of rides and games. There was a cool thing called a triage. You could get a cut on your arm and a black eye or a graze. I got a cut on my arm.  After that I watched the soak a senior.

Me and Billy went to the white elephant and looked around.  We saw little Ben playing with the toys. Then I went and got a drink and met Billy and Kaelen.  We watched Josh play money golf.  He won fifteen dollars and lost twenty dollars.

The school fair was Awesome!

A Marvelous Miracle

A few days ago, and by a few days ago I mean like a week ago I was under pressure to see the fabulous fair! I couldn’t wait to take a peek around the corner to glance at the fantastic fair. Everything was set up perfectly. I helped get ready and set up for the white elephant. My mum was running round everywhere collecting money from all the stalls. Some of the children came in early like at nine or eight in the morning to help get ready before our spectacular fair finally begins.

It is eleven o clock on a Sunday morning. The warm fresh breeze tickles my skin as I hear the laughter of children playing quietly. The fair has started at last! Parents giving out candy floss and lollies. The Fair was out of this world! This will be our last fair for now at our old school until next year!

My Donation at the Fair

At the fair I went to the fabulous money golf. There were not many people lining up for money golf, it was like we were in the Sahara desert. It was my turn. I visualized where I was going to hit the ball. I put my two tickets into the box. I picked up the minuscule golf club. I hit the ball which went straight past the five dollar note. It was about to hit the other five dollar note. But I had put too much power into the hit and it went straight past the gleaming five dollar note. I still had another three hits to go. The next three glorious hits had missed.

At fun O’clock I went to the triage tent. The St Johns people did wounds on our legs arms and head. I went onto the hot seat to get some blood oozing wounds. All of the parents had to look twice to see if it was real or not. The fair was amazing.

Titri park

In the weekend I did not go to the fair. I went some where but it was not
the fair. My brother went to the fair. I went to go watch my friend racing
on his moto bike.On his first race he got taken out by some guy and broke
his brake. He came almost last because of that. In the next race he has 1
second behind. He is 3rd in New Zealand.  He went to the Karl miller track. Karl
was a really good motorbike rider.  He died at Titri park motorcross track so
they made a track for him.  He did a trick and landed on his head and killed
himself.  That's a sad story but true.

School fair

Yesterday the school had the fair. We were lucky that the weather was fine
and it was really warm.
First I went over to the face painting to see Sam get a butterfly on his
face and he got his finger nails done.
Next we went over to the money golf to see Josh win some money. He had a
few goes before he won $15.
I watched the soak a senior for a while and then Josh went to have a go at
it and his sister was in the wet seat and she got soaked.
The school fair was great.

Meeting the all blacks

Today room 6 and 7 went down to Peter Johnson park to meet the All Blacks.
We got to meet Andrew Hore, Ben Smith, Ben Franks and Tamiti Ellison. We
got our class photo with the All Blacks and we had to line up for their
autographs.  We got a poster to put their autographs on and we got to go to
get all the signatures. We were there for about an hour and a half and we
spent half the time in the lines. But it was worth the wait.

All Black Entry

All Black Entry
30th of October 2012
Today with room 7 we met up with the All Blacks at the Peter Johnson Park. Loads of other schools were there to met with Tamati Ellison, Ben Smith, Andrew Hore and Ben Franks. We didn't know it was happening so we had nothing to sign but paper and arms. When we got there we waited for a bit and then they came out. For a while they talked about themselves and where they grew up and stuff like that. We got a photo with then and went to line up for autographs. There were four lines and they all were long. But it was worth it. Everyone got the four autographs. I think. It was a great surprise going to see the All Blacks.

Meeting the All Blacks

On the 30th of October Room 7 and Room 6 went to Peter Johnson Park to
meet four All Blacks. They were Ben Franks, Ben Smith, Andrew Hore and
Tamatai Ellison. They are professional rugby players.

We got a BIG group photo with them. Then we had to line up to get their
autographs. There were about 5 schools. That meant the lines were long. I
got all of their autographs. It took about 1 and ½ hours. I didn't even
know this was happening. If so I would have brought my rugby ball. I am
going to put my poster on my wall.

I sure hope this happens again next year.


On the 28 of October St Marys Mosgiel had a school fair.
I had to come to the fair a bit earlier than all the other people so that
mum could set up her cake stall. As soon as the bell rang for the start I
went up to get a drink with my friend and then we went for a wander round
all the stands. Then I caught up with some of my friends and next door
neighbor and we talked for a while then we saw Thomas getting a fake cut
on his arm. It looked so realistic. I got some chips for lunch and shared
them round. I watch the soak a senior, it was pretty funny and now I wish
I had a go. I went to see my mum at the cake stall and I bought a cupcake
and got some lollies. I didn't finish my lollies at the fair .I took them

home and gave some lollies to my friends. I thought the fair was great.

The school fair

Yesterday we had our school fair. It was a beautiful day outside without a
cloud in the sky. There were lots of different activities to try but I had
to do the money golf before I did anything else. It was two tickets for
three shots at the money. There were four five dollar notes and three ten
dollar notes. I was focusing on the ten dollar note in the middle. I lined
it up had a shot looking like it was going to hit the ten but it missed. I
was a few centimeters short. Not to worry I still had two shots left. I
swung the golf club back and hoped that it would land on anything - to no
avail. My last shot, the most important shot yet! I look at the ten dollar
note, the one I have been trying for the whole time, have my shot, hope that
it will land on the money. Sadly it missed I have wasted two dollars but I
will try again soon.

Then I went to soak a senior to see Sinead sitting on the chair being
drenched in freezing water. To get the person sitting on the chair soaked
you had to hit the mouth of the clown and then the bucket of water would
fall right on top of who ever was sitting on the chair. I decided to have
a couple shots at it. I had three throws to hit the target. My first throw
was wide,very wide.My second throw was a lot better hitting the target and
getting Sinead soaked in the cold water. My third throw missed, but I hit
it once so I was pretty pleased with that. I had another go at it hitting
the target twice.  That was so much fun. That was the best fair ever. I had a
great time. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

The fun of the fair

The Fun of all fairs

On Sunday morning I went to Balclutha for my Gym Competition. I came 1st for floor and 2nd for valet. Then we headed for home and  I went to the fair. I was so hot in my tracksuit but that didn’t stop me from having lots of fun. 

At the fair there was a triage tent so I scampered over. Georgia, Zara, Mia and I got big scar on my face and a bruise on my other eye. They all looked so real.  They really did do a good job. It was like I came back from Afghanistan.

Georgia, Zara and I went on the Caterpillar we got to explore a different world in there. There a mountain object when you first go in of course I fell down it, typical! 

Fantastic fair

Last Sunday it was St Mary's fantastic fair. Lots of people came to enjoy
the fun along with the students and teachers of St Mary's school. There were
the old classic activities like treasure island, tombola, bungy run, money
golf and loads more. Also there were new activities like soak a Senior,
triage and stock cars.

I hung out with my friends. We played truth or dare. We all dared Sam to
get his finger nails painted and also have a butterfly painted on his
face. He looked very funny after that. I spent my money on the new
activities. I enjoyed triage so much I did it twice. It looked so real.
Then I enjoyed some food that I brought. It was great but then I realized
I was just about out of money. I decided to use it on the tombola. I had
just enough to get three tickets. It had to be a 0 or a 5 to win. I did it
quick and.....none of them won. Then mum came to the rescue and gave me $10
more. I raced to the money golf and try my luck with 8 balls and won $5
so $1 extra because I paid $4, but it was fun and worth it. Through
out the day I kept spending money and it was all worth the wait in
lines, losing some activities and running out of money. Over all I really
liked it.

Excitement at the fair

On Sunday St Mary's had their annual school fair. It is the last one before
the school moves across the road. Most of the time I was leading my pony
Spirit around at the pony stall. Mum was organizing the White Elephant and Dad
was doing the barbecue for the burgers. Every hour I gave Spirit a 15 minute
break. I only got to go on the Tombola because most of the time I was leading
Spirit around. There were lots people and by lunch time there were people
everywhere.  I saw some old friends that were in my class last year like:
Jade, Stacy and Cecilia. There are heaps of stalls and some new ones too,
like: Soak a Senior, Tombola, St Johns, White Elephant, Food Stalls, Pony
rides and much more. It was Spirit's first time at the fair and he got very
weary looking at the juicy green grass and walking around in circles all day.
I think the fair was fun but we need to try some new stalls, instead of the
same ones every year.  

School Fair

Yesterday I went to the school fair. The first thing that caught my eye
was the bungy rope thing where you have to run to a lollie while being
pulled back by the rope and a couple of adults. When it was my turn I ran
as fast as my legs would go in order to get to the chocolate. I succeeded
and it was really fun. 

The next thing I went to was the triage and Zara, Georgia Ciara and we all
got fake injuries. I had a big cut on my face with lots of fake blood and
looked real for about 30 minutes before it got smudged.

After the fair I had to stay and help pack up and Michaela,  Anahera,
Zara, Thomas, James and I got to bounce on the bouncy castle while it was
deflating. We were going down with the castle so we had to get off really
fast. We also got to go on this other ride before it had to go down.  The
fair was really fun. 

The 2012 fair

Sunday morning at 11:00 all the stalls at the fair opened. Some of the stalls were new and some of them old favourites. I got my nails done highlighter pink. Everyone's favourite game seemed to be soak a senior, a new stall, and another one, triage. They design fake wounds for you. Mia, Georgia, Ciara and I all got a wound of some kind. I got a slash on my leg that appeared to have a blue bruise, red gooey blood, just trickling slowly from my leg. The people who have done these amazing wounds could be makeup artists in horror movies. This is my last fair while I'm a pupil at St Mary's but I'll probably come next year.

The Amazing School Fair

I was racing to the soak a senior realizing that Tyrin was on. I wanted to
soak him. I picked up the ball and aimed carefully. Sadly I missed. I got
another ball and aimed steadily. Missed. Last chance to soak Tyrin. This
time I was determined to get him. I grabbed the ball, took a deep breath
and I got him. I was pleased. I got a mini Moro Gold.

I got out my money and bought four tickets for the Tombola. I was feeling
lucky. I went in and won myself a Moro. I really wanted to win a scooter
but I didn't get it. I kept on trying and I ended up giving up because I
wasn't winning anything good. I love the Tombola.

The fair was a big hit and ex pupils even came to check it out. A minus
about the fair was that I got really sun burnt. I wish the lines were a
lot smaller.

The Amazing Fair

In the morning I got up as early as I could to go to the fair. I've been waiting days for this day to come. When we got there I ran to look for my friends.  I hung out with Anahera. My favorite thing was the tombola because there were heaps of fantastic prizes to be won.  I won a $20 voucher. After that I went to the chocolate wheel and won some cool prizes. My favorite prize was the Christmas teddy. After that I got a drink from the bungy run. At the tombola I wanted to win the M.G.P or the 360. I had a good time there.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Last school fair on this site...

Today was the last ever fair at 62 Church Street for our school.  What an amazing day it was.  The sun shone after yesterday's storms... the people came and had a fabulous day... laughter, games, entertainment, white elephant, horse rides, tombola, cake stall, cheese rolls, hot chips, dessert and coffee, money golf, bouncy castle, dunk the senior and teacher, treasure island, pippity pop balloons, hamburgers, BBQ, raffles, nails, face paint, triage tent - with very authentic wounds..., and much much more... What a wonderful day.  What was your favourite part of the day?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The school move

We are getting ready to move down the road.  This is going to  be fun and exciting.  The new school is going to look a lot better than the school we have now.  The whole school is going to move down the road to the new site.  They have marked it out.  Every person in the school is going to have a great time at the new school.  Room 4 and 5 have moved down the road.  Room 6 and 7 are going to get moved last.  I'm looking forward to the new school and playing in the grass all day long.

100 WC

I awake with a jerk and bang my head on the ceiling. "Ouch" I cry out, "I'm not used to bunks." "What?" shouts my startled friend.  A sharp knock comes through the wall. My friend bangs back. "Look outside" Robbi says. We jump down from the bunks and open the curtains with a flourish. Stunned expressions fill our faces.
"What is that?  Is it what I think it is?"
"Yes" my friend replies.
"Snow." We're racing to get warm clothes on. We rush down the hall and shovel down our breakfast. Outside snow is bucketing down. In unison we cry "Snowball Fight".

School move

Me and my Mum took photos of the move and were keeping an eye on the 
move.  Room 4 and 5 have already moved. We are excited about the move. 
It looks so different already. It is hard to believe that it looks so different.  
It was just a clear patch of grass and now its turned into a site with ditches 
and a building.  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

School move

Just before the holiday's room 7 cleared the things out of room 4 and 5 to get ready for the big move. Then in the holidays the contractors were jacking up the class rooms. Then a house moving truck came and they took the classrooms down the road where the site was cleared for them. They drove the truck away and left the class rooms on the trailer. They are meant to put the class rooms down on the foundations.

School Move

In the last week of term room 4 & 5 got all of their things cleared out of their classes for the big move. Two weeks ago Stewart construction started
jacking up the classes. It took a few days to get it jacked up fully and then it got shifted onto the house moving truck and got taken over the road to where the new school is going to be. I can't wait to be in the new school.

School Move

We made a poetry book each class had to add a poem to it.  They moved the school.  They put a fence so little kids wouldn’t get in.  They moved it on the last week of the holidays.  They blocked off the end of room three with big boards.  Room four and five are in the library and room eight. 

Our School Move

At the end of term 3 we were told that room 5 and 4 were moving to holy cross grounds. The builders were Stewart’s construction. They had to get the rooms on to a big truck. When they got to the building site they had this big springy thing me jiggy. Fulton Hogan did the excavation. Before we moved the rooms some tree cutters cut down two trees. They also put down stilts. 

School move

I can’t wait for the move. It will be fun to have a new school to play in. The school looks different. In the diagrams it looks awesome. I can’t wait to be sitting in the new school reading my favorite book. My Mum saw the move.  She came back from her walk and told me all about the school going past her. She thought it was cool to watch the school go over her head. I wish I was there to watch. I just can’t wait...