Tuesday, October 23, 2012

School Move

Our school is moving to the church ground because the grounds our school is on are being sold to Countdown. We have already had Room 4 and Room 5 shifted over to the site. The two classes were shifted on the last Friday in the holidays. Room 6 and Room 7 are the two easiest classes to move because they were made not long ago, only about two to three years ago. Our library and our spare class room have been lent to Room 4 and Room 5. I can’t wait till next year when we are in our new school.


  1. Hi i love your story Bridget it is very intresting.


  2. Hi Brigdet i cant wait intill the new school is ready. It will be the best school ever

  3. Hi Bridget i cant wait until the school is ready. It will be the best school ever.


  4. Hi Bridget. Cool story. Witch school do you think will be better