Monday, October 29, 2012

School Fair

Yesterday I went to the school fair. The first thing that caught my eye
was the bungy rope thing where you have to run to a lollie while being
pulled back by the rope and a couple of adults. When it was my turn I ran
as fast as my legs would go in order to get to the chocolate. I succeeded
and it was really fun. 

The next thing I went to was the triage and Zara, Georgia Ciara and we all
got fake injuries. I had a big cut on my face with lots of fake blood and
looked real for about 30 minutes before it got smudged.

After the fair I had to stay and help pack up and Michaela,  Anahera,
Zara, Thomas, James and I got to bounce on the bouncy castle while it was
deflating. We were going down with the castle so we had to get off really
fast. We also got to go on this other ride before it had to go down.  The
fair was really fun. 


  1. Hi Mia
    It is good to hear that you had a great time at the fair. Did you enjoy the bungy run?
    I won a fizzy drink on it.


  2. hi Mia

    What was your favourite part?
    it sounds like you had a great time.