Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The school fair

Yesterday we had our school fair. It was a beautiful day outside without a
cloud in the sky. There were lots of different activities to try but I had
to do the money golf before I did anything else. It was two tickets for
three shots at the money. There were four five dollar notes and three ten
dollar notes. I was focusing on the ten dollar note in the middle. I lined
it up had a shot looking like it was going to hit the ten but it missed. I
was a few centimeters short. Not to worry I still had two shots left. I
swung the golf club back and hoped that it would land on anything - to no
avail. My last shot, the most important shot yet! I look at the ten dollar
note, the one I have been trying for the whole time, have my shot, hope that
it will land on the money. Sadly it missed I have wasted two dollars but I
will try again soon.

Then I went to soak a senior to see Sinead sitting on the chair being
drenched in freezing water. To get the person sitting on the chair soaked
you had to hit the mouth of the clown and then the bucket of water would
fall right on top of who ever was sitting on the chair. I decided to have
a couple shots at it. I had three throws to hit the target. My first throw
was wide,very wide.My second throw was a lot better hitting the target and
getting Sinead soaked in the cold water. My third throw missed, but I hit
it once so I was pretty pleased with that. I had another go at it hitting
the target twice.  That was so much fun. That was the best fair ever. I had a
great time. 


  1. I'm reading your story from south-east Ireland. It's approaching winter here now, and it looks like fantastic weather in the photograph.



  2. Hi Josh
    great story I liked soak a senior as well.

  3. Hi Josh
    Sounds like you had an awesome time at the fair!
    What was your favourite part of the Fair?

  4. Sounds like alot of fun challenging yourself at money golf.


  5. Sounds like you had a fantastic time Josh, we were so lucky to have such a beautiful day for the Fair. Lots of suspense in your story. What was your most favourite stall or ride?