Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Long jump...

We are practicing for athletics. Our group is doing long jump. I was the photographer. It was hard to catch them in mid air when they were sprinting to jump their highest. I think they are really good at jumping and I think they would get a high score.

I enjoyed taking photos of them in mid air and I enjoyed watching them sprint.  It was really fun to watch. I would rate us 9/10 for really good sprinting and high jumping. 


  1. High jumps really fun!
    And I found that i'm better than I thought I was.
    WE all jumped along way and I bet we will all do well in athletics.

  2. These are fantastic action photos.
    It's been great fun practising and learning what we need to work on.
    Hope everybody is ready for the Atheletics!

  3. I loved long jump it was so fun. Cool photos aswell.


  4. hi Lorie

    great photos. Long jump is really fun and i had fun practising for it and i hope we do good in Atheletics. great story lorie.