Thursday, October 18, 2012

100WC open for the next two weeks...

You are all becoming brilliant writers and I’m having to really think hard about the prompts. We have some surprise guest prompts coming up soon so do make sure you are following the blog so that you don’t miss them.
The prompt for this week is:
…what is that?…
I think this prompt may lead you to have a go at writing some speech. Of course you could write a description of an item and ask your readers the question. It is a prompt that you can have some fun with.
If you are a new visitor please read the tabs at the top that give you all the information you need. If you are still stuck, do leave a comment below, fill out a comment form or send a tweet @theheadsoffice.
As it says at the top of this post, the link will stay open for two weeks until 9pm (GMT) 30th October

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