Wednesday, October 24, 2012

100 WC

I awake with a jerk and bang my head on the ceiling. "Ouch" I cry out, "I'm not used to bunks." "What?" shouts my startled friend.  A sharp knock comes through the wall. My friend bangs back. "Look outside" Robbi says. We jump down from the bunks and open the curtains with a flourish. Stunned expressions fill our faces.
"What is that?  Is it what I think it is?"
"Yes" my friend replies.
"Snow." We're racing to get warm clothes on. We rush down the hall and shovel down our breakfast. Outside snow is bucketing down. In unison we cry "Snowball Fight".


  1. This is a very unique story - I like the way you have used your language to create images - 'with a flourish' and 'stunned expressions' are so powerful!

    Keep it up!

  2. Great 100wc Zara,
    I love the way you used your words, it gave me a great picture of what is happening in the story.

  3. Hi Zara
    I really like your story it is very unique.
    You are very good at writing the 100 WC stories how many have you wrote?

  4. Hi Zara
    I really love your story. I hate bunk beds because I'm always the one who sleeps on the top bunk.

  5. To begin with I had thoughts about school camps and people being annoying. It surprised me that it was snowing and really enjoyed reading this part. You use very descriptive language which created vivid pictures in my head.

  6. Hi Zara,
    This is a great story, everyone loves a good snowball fight!

  7. Hi Zara
    Great story i had a image in my head. I really like snow ball fight do you?