Monday, November 29, 2010

Busy Room 6!

Hi there everyone!
Wow, havent you been busy people! I am loving the sound of these Tropical Islands to go for a holiday, I would sure love to go to one of them!

I hope your planting and plants are all growing well. I'm sure they will be in this beautiful weather we are having. I am enjoying this lovely sunshine but some days it is almost getting a little bit hot for me and the big bump!

All is well at my house, Joe just had his birthday last week, and we are waiting patiently for the baby to arrive!

It is great to be able to see all this fantastic work you are doing. Keep up the great work and enjoy the last few weeks of term.

See you soon
Mrs Peters :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Island Paradise

My luxury island is half tropical paradise and half skiing pardise. On the tropical side, it has an awsome water park and a five * hotel with a restaurant and a casino. On the skiing side, you can (obviously) go skiing and snowboarding and have snowmen making contests.

My ( Cayden's ) luxury island resort has the biggest and the best hotel in the world. It has bedrooms under water and on top of water. What can beat 20 star hotel ?
My island is Monster Enegy Island with a massive luxury.
My partner is Callum and our island is good for families because there is luxury and fun fmx and bmx tracks and pools and theme parks and free food and clothes.


A couple days ago we started to think with a partner what our dream island could be like. First we started planing it in our books. Some people got a whopping 2 pages of ideas. Second we had a plan on the computer. Then it was the real deal - we got on to the computer and we started to make the offical brochure. Did I tell you Mrs Dykes is going to choose her favourite island she wants to go. She says she loves luxury. ( She may not like our island - it's got heaps of energy drinks )

Monday, November 22, 2010

Whose Dream Island will I want to visit ? Your brochure will be the key to enticing me to choose yours. ( Hint - I like luxury ! )
Mrs D

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Plants 'n' Potatoes

In room 6, we have been studying plants. We have also been planting our own and making 'potato pets'. Here are some pictures. -Matt
P.S. I put in the photos:)

cricket fun day

We went to the cricket fun day at the Edgar Centre. We played three games and at the end we got a goody bag. It was really fun. Harry

We walked into the Edgar Centre fizzing with excitement. We sat down on the courts and got told where we were going to play our first game of cricket and then straight away we ran off to our first game. After our first game we had morning tea so we would have enough energy to play our last two games. When our last game had finished we sat down on the courts again and we all got given a goody bag. The cricket fun day was alot of fun. Sinead

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday 17 Nov

We now have action on our blog ! We'll be able to record some of the cool stuff we've been doing in class, like the growing plants, the potato men, cricket, art etc. I'm relying on you children to be able to put photos on the blog, and you can all have a turn at writing about some of the things we've been doing. I hope you've all got friends/relatives who will want to follow what you've been up to. Who wants to go first ?

Mrs D

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Speech Competitions August

On Wednesday the 18th of August Sinead, Kymberlee and Olivia were chosen to compete in the speech competition. This year our speeches had to be about topic to argue about. We got marked on how we spoke. We all had learnt our speeches off by heart but some people from Outram hadn’t. We all were very nervous but we still succeeded well. Then after everyone had spoken they had a prize giving. Olivia came 1st in the year 6 competition. But on Thursday we had found out that Kymberlee came 3rd. The people in the photo (from left) Tayla, Olivia and Katie. Tayla came 1st = in the Year 7 competition. Katie won the Year 8 competition and also won best speaker overall. Olivia won the Year 6 competition
By Olivia

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Basketball Tournament

In the weekend, 12th June, I had a basketball tournament in gore. We got there on Friday night had a meeting, supper and went to bed. We got up early in the morning. It was freezing cold and we had to play South Canterbury at 10am. We had to get up have breakfast and get ready for the game. When we got there it was just a tin shed with a court in it. So it was freezing. We got our boots on warned up we were all tired. I started on the bench. I went on when were losing. I was sitting there waiting to get subbed on. I was so nervous. I walked on, I was passed the ball I dribbled it down the court. I passed the ball cut in but the pass wasn’t there. We scored. They were dribbling down, we got the steal. I sprinted down got the pass and scored. After a while I got subbed off. I did not get back on. We started to make a come back. There was twenty seconds left it was their ball they scored. There was ten seconds left and a kid from my team put up a big hook shot. It went high in the air then it dropped down and went and went straight through the hoop. They passed the ball in but the buzzer went. The ref said five minutes of overtime. It was our ball. The other team only had four players because some were fouled off. After two minutes anther got fouled off. So they had three players left. We won in overtime by six points. What a win!
We got warm and got back to camp. We had our next game at 6pm. We had to go watch the A team play. They smashed their team so we did not watch it all. We got back to camp and had lunch. We got to go on the flying fox but it was too cold for me. I was not allowed on the slide because I had my singlet and shorts on. We got ready for our game against Southland. We got into our car and left. When we got there we got ready to start. After the first quarter we found out there best player. I scored again. I got lots of game time in that game. We won by a bit. Then we were in the final the next day. We had to play the A team. We got nearly no sleep because a kid keep talking. We got to the court and got ready to play. We lost the tip. It was even near the start but they got on a roll and we could not stop them. I got heaps of game time. We lost by forty five points. We had a prize giving at the end. We got a Moro bar and certificate and the A team got a drink and certificate. We got our gear and headed home. An Awesome weekend!

By Kyle

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Run There is a Dinosaur!!

My comic is about a dinosaur coming. I found out that making comics is really fun!

By Connor

Bullying Comic

This comic is about a girl who is a bit different and people don't accept his so they start teasing her.

I made it because we learnt all about accepting everyone when we visited Harold.

By Sinead

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Check out this!!!

Today we made make belief comix. They had to be about dinosaurs. We e-mailed the comix to ourselves then opened them up. We used powerpoint to convert the image to a Jpeg. Now we can share them on the blog.

By Olivia

Harry's Hockey Trials

I just had my trials for Otago Hatch Cup unfortunately I did not make the A team. But I am going to the B trials tomorrow to play in a tournament in Ashburton. I hope I make that team. I was pretty upset I did not make the A team. I am only 11 and the team is for Under 13, but there's always a silver lining to every thing. I also have the Year 5 and 6 development team as a back up if I don't make the B team. I hope I make either

By Harrison

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Meteor Strike

Basketball Success

Two weeks ago I had Otago basketball trails. I got to the Edgar centre ready to trail. When I got there I a number. I was 16.I got a ball and started warming up. When we started we were doing lay ups. I was getting the shots all in. Then we got ready for a game. At the start I was on the bench. When I got on we had the ball I sprinted down the court. I turned around and got the ball and put it in. I was playing really well. After playing non stop for 10 minutes we got ready to hear the results. We sat down he said four people didn’t get in. First he could out the A team. My name was not called out. My heart started pumping. He started calling the B team. I could not hear my name. At the end of the list he called out my name I was so excited. The coach of our team gave us a newsletter saying we had a trip to gore in two weeks. I was so excited.

By Kyle

Harry's Hockey Trials

This weekend and the next I have my Otago hockey trials. They are for Hatch Cup. If I make the team I will be able to go to Albany Auckland for five days to play in a tournament. If I make the development team and I will be able to go to Ashburton and play in a tournament. I am quite confident because I made the year five and six team two years in a row. I really like hockey because it keeps me fit and my dad played it when he was a kid. I get to play with my best friends. I also play Taieri Junior Hockey for my school. I hope I get in the team and if I don’t I will get to trial for the year six team. I hope I get in either.

By Harrison

Queen's Birthday Swim Meet

Queens Birthday Swim Meet

It was Saturday morning and I had butterflies jumping in my tummy and my nerves were going crazy. I had my weet-bix and milk for a nutritious breakfast. Then it was off to the pool. It was nerve racking standing on the start block. The whistle blows then I hear the “on your marks”. I hold still, and then beep; I was off like a flash into the water swimming as fast as I can. I had so many things going round my head. I am now on the home straight to the end of the heart racking race. I was relieved that the race was over at that stage but I still had 8 more to go.
I got my first silver that weekend in 50 back and a bronze in my 100 free. I got into the Adam and Eve relay.
By Courtland

Not My Bro

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday 17 March 2010

March 17th Cricket Day

Wow, what an exciting day at the cricket!!! Check out the video of our day!