Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Basketball Success

Two weeks ago I had Otago basketball trails. I got to the Edgar centre ready to trail. When I got there I a number. I was 16.I got a ball and started warming up. When we started we were doing lay ups. I was getting the shots all in. Then we got ready for a game. At the start I was on the bench. When I got on we had the ball I sprinted down the court. I turned around and got the ball and put it in. I was playing really well. After playing non stop for 10 minutes we got ready to hear the results. We sat down he said four people didn’t get in. First he could out the A team. My name was not called out. My heart started pumping. He started calling the B team. I could not hear my name. At the end of the list he called out my name I was so excited. The coach of our team gave us a newsletter saying we had a trip to gore in two weeks. I was so excited.

By Kyle

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  1. Congratulatinos Kyle! I can't wait to hear how your games go. Maybe I will see an update on the blog?
    Mrs K