Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Queen's Birthday Swim Meet

Queens Birthday Swim Meet

It was Saturday morning and I had butterflies jumping in my tummy and my nerves were going crazy. I had my weet-bix and milk for a nutritious breakfast. Then it was off to the pool. It was nerve racking standing on the start block. The whistle blows then I hear the “on your marks”. I hold still, and then beep; I was off like a flash into the water swimming as fast as I can. I had so many things going round my head. I am now on the home straight to the end of the heart racking race. I was relieved that the race was over at that stage but I still had 8 more to go.
I got my first silver that weekend in 50 back and a bronze in my 100 free. I got into the Adam and Eve relay.
By Courtland

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  1. Congratulations Courtland. I really enjoyed watching you swimming. I will look out for updates of your progress on the blog.
    Mrs K