Thursday, August 26, 2010

Speech Competitions August

On Wednesday the 18th of August Sinead, Kymberlee and Olivia were chosen to compete in the speech competition. This year our speeches had to be about topic to argue about. We got marked on how we spoke. We all had learnt our speeches off by heart but some people from Outram hadn’t. We all were very nervous but we still succeeded well. Then after everyone had spoken they had a prize giving. Olivia came 1st in the year 6 competition. But on Thursday we had found out that Kymberlee came 3rd. The people in the photo (from left) Tayla, Olivia and Katie. Tayla came 1st = in the Year 7 competition. Katie won the Year 8 competition and also won best speaker overall. Olivia won the Year 6 competition
By Olivia