Thursday, May 12, 2011

Great work on the blog today.

Today we worked in the foyer to get the room 6 blog and wiki going.  We hope you visit often and leave us comments.

Josh's article...

Harry Potter at cinemas for the 7th time

By Josh Hyde

People are racing in to see the new Harry Potter movie. It opened October and its been a big rush to see it. Josh Hyde aged 10 had this to say “It is the best movie ever. Some people found it scary but I found it hilarious and interesting.” After these comments the people who were listening rushed in to see it. When people came out they talked to us. “We heard gasping popcorn falling people laughing. We absolutely loved it.” they said. John Hyde (45) had this to say “I laughed I gasped it was very good. Next we interviewed people about their favourite part. “I liked the fight at the Malfoys.” Stated Josh Hyde”. “I liked the part when they destroyed the Horcrux.” Says John Hyde. We recommend you see this movie at Hoyts or Rialto.

Welcome to the Room 6 blog for 2011

Welcome to the Room 6 blog!

Here you can see what Room 6 has been doing and what we have been learning about. We will be updating hopefully every few days. We will put our stories and photos on the blog.

By Lilly