Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stars on stage dress rehearsal

Stars on stage

I was in stars on stage.  I didn’t want to do it at the start but I decided to do it any way and I'm glad I did it once we found out what we were doing. We had to do lots of practices including at lunch time and during school time.   It took so long to get our dance right and the finale dance and getting it in time with the music.  The best one for me was Taieri College.  The worst thing about doing stars on stage was the heat.  I really enjoyed it and I would like to do it again if I get too.   I was in the card army.

Stars on Stage

On the 22nd of August we had stars on stage.  We performed at the Regent theater.   We had to get face paint of hearts clubs spades or diamonds. After we got our face paint on it was home time and I got my long sleeved top on and long johns or tights and by then I was really feeling the nerves. When I was ready we went to the regent then when I got out I started to feel sick.   Then it was time to go in.   When we got in we went and sat down and waited for our turn.   Finally it was our turn. We went and got into my costume and went to the place where you wait to go on stage.   When the curtains went down we went to my starting position and the curtains went up. The music started. Everyone went quiet and that made me even more nervous.  When Alice had finished her first song the caterpillar’s song came on.   It was really loud and then the next and the next, and it was finally the cards.  When I got out there I felt fantastic. I did the dance and when it was finished I was glad.   My favorite show was Taieri collage.

                                  Thank you Miss Cooper

Stars on stage

On Tuesday the 23rd of August some of the people from Room 5, 6 and 7 went to the Regent Theatre to do our performance which was ‘Stars on stage’. Our theme was Alice in Wonder land. We all had to be at first church at 6:30 so then we would all walk over to the regent as a school. Mr. Bros got to first church at about 5:50 and then we all walked over to the regent. When we got over to the Regent Theatre we walked inside and I saw that the regent was just starting to fill up. We went and got our seats and sat down and we started singing along to the music. Then these people Damian and Niki from more FM were there. Before any of the schools started they showed different types of dances. Then he told us this weird zebra joke!  It went like this, what is black and white and eats like a horse. Then all the schools had their go and then it was time for us to go on.  I felt so nervous. We went out of the room and got all dressed and went out. Then it was time for us to shine. When it was my time to go on I was really nervous but when I was on I didn’t really mind because the lights were so bright so I couldn’t see the audience so I was fine. Then we did our final dance and went off stage and ran back to our seat and watched the last dance. Then Damian told us a monkey joke and it went like this!  There were two monkeys in a bath and the first monkey said “hoo ah ah” and the second monkey said put the cold water on then. I really enjoyed it and I hope we can do it in two years time.

Stars on stage

Stars on Stage was an awesome experience to have to do and I liked doing Stars on Stage because of the practices and the costumes and the story. I reckon it was real awesome to be in it and my favorite character out of our story was the caterpillar because he looked awesome and he had awesome face paint too. The bit we had to do was hard and easy at the same time but I’m glad I got to do Stars on Stage for my first time in my life. I did it because someone said it was fun to do. I really want to do it again because it was fun to do and it was fun to have a costume on. On the night I was real nervous to do it but I got the feeling away from me before we got on. The best school was probably Taieri College I reckon.  Their story was awesome to watch.

Stars on stage

I liked Stars on stage because the practices were fun and going into the Regent Theatre to practice and perform, but my favorite part was getting to perform on the 23rd of August with lots of other schools.  My favorite school was East Taieri and they did Scooby doo. My favorite costume was the Mad Hatter and the King’s clothes. My least favorite part was the heat and the practices at lunch times. Stars on stage was an awesome experience and I can’t wait until next time. It was really fun.  I enjoyed it and I can’t wait until next time.

Props for stars on stage.

For stars on stage I did the props with Lewis M and Max. First I did a tea pot. We made it with an origami water balloon. Next I made the tea pot lid. Then I put the handle and spout on. After that we made a hedge, with paint a blanket and newspaper. We scrunched up a piece of paper with paint and smashed it on the blanket. Then I did the last tea pot. That was the hardest because the bits wouldn’t go on. Then we had to paint the tea pots blue and red. I enjoyed making the tea pots.



Making props for Stars on stage

For Stars on Stage Miss Cooper set Jack, Max and I a challenge. The three of us would be making props for Stars on Stage. I don’t know about the other two but I was straight into it. After everyone had left for a practice run me, Jack and Max started making teapots. Jack and Max were working together while I started on my three spouted teapot. When I got the shape of the teapot it started to look like a top hat.

When we had finished all the teapots Miss Cooper took them and put them in the library. The day before stars on stage Miss Cooper asked me if I could help her get ready for the big day.

It was really fun making the props and I really hope that I get to do it again.

By Lewis M

Stars on stage

On the 22nd of August we had our Stars On Stage performance at the Regent Theater. We all had to meet outside First Church at 6:00pm in our clothes. We got our hair done at school into a German Plate by Miss Copper. I was a flamingo and so was Jaylah, Lilly, Janaya, Zara, Lorie, Ciara. We were all starring in the play ‘ALICE IN WONDERLAND’! Tayla Bell was the main character because she was Alice. Taylor A was a big part too because she was the Queen. My favourite act was the Tweedles because they worked great together and my second favorite was the caterpillar because he wore a very large suit in the show. His outfit was bright blue! I thought it was amazing!!

By Stacy Fox. J J J J J J J

Stars on Stage

On the 23rd of August we had our performance, ‘Stars on Stage’. At 6:25 I arrived at the First Church lawn. Everyone else was there waiting and Mr Bros was there and he was controlling everyone because we were very excited! When Jaylah arrived I ran over to her and I yelled out “this is so exciting” and she replied “yeah I know”! When Mrs Baines, Mrs Dillon and Miss Cooper arrived we all started clapping and cheering. Once they parked the car they came and met us and then we went across the road and took our seats. First up was Ravensboure school and they danced really well and they had stripy pants and a wig which was dreadlocks! Later on it was our turn so we stood up and walked down to our dressing room, we were all in a rush and we finally got dressed and we put our masks on and everything! When everyone was dressed and ready we then walked up the stairs and we then had to wait so long for the other school to finish their performance. Once they had finished we went to our spots and Miss Cooper put all the props on the stage and then we started our awesome performance. Alice did some great dancing and so did everyone else. When it was my turn to dance I was not even that nervous!
After our performance we were absolutely gobsmacked! Everyone did so well! I thought it was very fun and everyone else loved it too!
Thank you very much Miss Cooper for a fun experience.
By Lilly

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Art with Mrs Dykes

On Wednesday the 17th of August room six at St Marys did art with Mrs Dykes. We had to choose between a turtle, lizard or a snake. First we had a brown colour for our background. We had to wait for it to dry. Once it was dry we did our animal in black paint. Once it was dry we painted dots with a cotton bud. It looked really cool. Then we did flowers and dots in the background. The whole class enjoyed doing the art.