Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stars on stage

I liked Stars on stage because the practices were fun and going into the Regent Theatre to practice and perform, but my favorite part was getting to perform on the 23rd of August with lots of other schools.  My favorite school was East Taieri and they did Scooby doo. My favorite costume was the Mad Hatter and the King’s clothes. My least favorite part was the heat and the practices at lunch times. Stars on stage was an awesome experience and I can’t wait until next time. It was really fun.  I enjoyed it and I can’t wait until next time.


  1. hi!your story of stars on stage was great. our show was brilliant! i enjoyed stars on stage! it was awesome!


  2. I thought that stars on stage was really cool as well. I cant wait untill it next happens. I like the Mad Hatter.
    by Alex