Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stars on Stage

On the 23rd of August we had our performance, ‘Stars on Stage’. At 6:25 I arrived at the First Church lawn. Everyone else was there waiting and Mr Bros was there and he was controlling everyone because we were very excited! When Jaylah arrived I ran over to her and I yelled out “this is so exciting” and she replied “yeah I know”! When Mrs Baines, Mrs Dillon and Miss Cooper arrived we all started clapping and cheering. Once they parked the car they came and met us and then we went across the road and took our seats. First up was Ravensboure school and they danced really well and they had stripy pants and a wig which was dreadlocks! Later on it was our turn so we stood up and walked down to our dressing room, we were all in a rush and we finally got dressed and we put our masks on and everything! When everyone was dressed and ready we then walked up the stairs and we then had to wait so long for the other school to finish their performance. Once they had finished we went to our spots and Miss Cooper put all the props on the stage and then we started our awesome performance. Alice did some great dancing and so did everyone else. When it was my turn to dance I was not even that nervous!
After our performance we were absolutely gobsmacked! Everyone did so well! I thought it was very fun and everyone else loved it too!
Thank you very much Miss Cooper for a fun experience.
By Lilly

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  1. Hi

    Awesome story Lilly I liked your costume. Your dance was awesome. I really enjoyed Stars on Stage.