Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stars on Stage

On the 22nd of August we had stars on stage.  We performed at the Regent theater.   We had to get face paint of hearts clubs spades or diamonds. After we got our face paint on it was home time and I got my long sleeved top on and long johns or tights and by then I was really feeling the nerves. When I was ready we went to the regent then when I got out I started to feel sick.   Then it was time to go in.   When we got in we went and sat down and waited for our turn.   Finally it was our turn. We went and got into my costume and went to the place where you wait to go on stage.   When the curtains went down we went to my starting position and the curtains went up. The music started. Everyone went quiet and that made me even more nervous.  When Alice had finished her first song the caterpillar’s song came on.   It was really loud and then the next and the next, and it was finally the cards.  When I got out there I felt fantastic. I did the dance and when it was finished I was glad.   My favorite show was Taieri collage.

                                  Thank you Miss Cooper


  1. Hi Will,
    You wrote a really great story! You did really well in Stars on Stage! You probably had a really great time, did you? Because I did and I think everyone else did!I am glad that you did Stars on Stage because you looked great as a card!

  2. HI Will. did you have fun. I did. by Tyrin