Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stars on stage

On the 22nd of August we had our Stars On Stage performance at the Regent Theater. We all had to meet outside First Church at 6:00pm in our clothes. We got our hair done at school into a German Plate by Miss Copper. I was a flamingo and so was Jaylah, Lilly, Janaya, Zara, Lorie, Ciara. We were all starring in the play ‘ALICE IN WONDERLAND’! Tayla Bell was the main character because she was Alice. Taylor A was a big part too because she was the Queen. My favourite act was the Tweedles because they worked great together and my second favorite was the caterpillar because he wore a very large suit in the show. His outfit was bright blue! I thought it was amazing!!

By Stacy Fox. J J J J J J J

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  1. Hi
    Awesome story Stacy.I really enjoyed Stars on Stage aswell.