Thursday, July 1, 2010

Basketball Tournament

In the weekend, 12th June, I had a basketball tournament in gore. We got there on Friday night had a meeting, supper and went to bed. We got up early in the morning. It was freezing cold and we had to play South Canterbury at 10am. We had to get up have breakfast and get ready for the game. When we got there it was just a tin shed with a court in it. So it was freezing. We got our boots on warned up we were all tired. I started on the bench. I went on when were losing. I was sitting there waiting to get subbed on. I was so nervous. I walked on, I was passed the ball I dribbled it down the court. I passed the ball cut in but the pass wasn’t there. We scored. They were dribbling down, we got the steal. I sprinted down got the pass and scored. After a while I got subbed off. I did not get back on. We started to make a come back. There was twenty seconds left it was their ball they scored. There was ten seconds left and a kid from my team put up a big hook shot. It went high in the air then it dropped down and went and went straight through the hoop. They passed the ball in but the buzzer went. The ref said five minutes of overtime. It was our ball. The other team only had four players because some were fouled off. After two minutes anther got fouled off. So they had three players left. We won in overtime by six points. What a win!
We got warm and got back to camp. We had our next game at 6pm. We had to go watch the A team play. They smashed their team so we did not watch it all. We got back to camp and had lunch. We got to go on the flying fox but it was too cold for me. I was not allowed on the slide because I had my singlet and shorts on. We got ready for our game against Southland. We got into our car and left. When we got there we got ready to start. After the first quarter we found out there best player. I scored again. I got lots of game time in that game. We won by a bit. Then we were in the final the next day. We had to play the A team. We got nearly no sleep because a kid keep talking. We got to the court and got ready to play. We lost the tip. It was even near the start but they got on a roll and we could not stop them. I got heaps of game time. We lost by forty five points. We had a prize giving at the end. We got a Moro bar and certificate and the A team got a drink and certificate. We got our gear and headed home. An Awesome weekend!

By Kyle