Friday, March 30, 2012

An Amazing Post...

Check out this amazing post!  I wonder what you might do after watching this!!!

Library visit

Loving the comfortable spaces to gather and listen to a story at the library

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Taieri swim club prize giving

Last night I went to swimming club prize giving. First they handed out the coach certificates. Mine said 'keep on smiling and you are a pleasure to work with.'
Next they handed out the mile badge things. I didn't get one because it did it last year. After the mile badge kids the Taieri club champs rewards got handed out. I came 3rd in my age group and I got a certificate. Then I got a trophy for having the fastest time in 50 metre freestyle in my age group. I'm really proud. To my surprise I got the most promising junior girl. That means I will be in squad with the big kids. After the prize giving I got a sausage and
a fizzy drink. We got to have a play swim. I am really proud of myself and I hope my swimming will keep on improving.

Dragon Adventure number nine...

Dragon Story - Junior Floppy

My dragons name is Junior Floppy.
My dragon has been on many adventures.
She likes to eat...
Leaves of trees, meat of all kinds but will not eat me.
She is a friendly dragon and likes to meet new people or in her case dragons


Today at school Mrs K told us about Metallica, a weird little robot. He has springs for legs, a helicopter propellor as a hat and a body the shape of a baked bean can. He has a head the shape of a rugby ball. Metallica is a friendly chap, he likes to fly around in his spaceship.  He also likes to fly around earth. Metallica is from planet neptune. Metallica has lots of friends and enjoys hanging out with them all.

Who is entering the Puffin Short Story Awards for 2012?

Click on this link and see if you are ready to enter this great competition! Check out the AMAZING prize!!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ted 2012 Sketch up

Today Zara, Ciara, me, Laura, Michaela, Anahera, Lorie Mia, Josh and Callum went to Ted2012. My favorite part was Sketch up. You get to design your own house. Zara and I made a really big house with a pool and a veggie garden. It was a lot of fun. We could design the inside and outside of the house you could choose the wall paper the outside like wood or bricks.       

TED 2012 Big Huge Labs

Today was Taieri E Day or for short T.E.D. Nine other people not including me came. They were Ciara, Georgia, Mia, Michaela, Anahera, Laura, Josh and Callum.
My favourite event of the day was presenting Big Huge Labs. I did it with Ciara and we had a group of thirteen people. We started off with telling them about the site “Big Huge Labs”.  It was like being a teacher but a nice one, helping and teaching kids the same or similar age. We put them into pairs to work on laptops.  We gave them four different choices on the site so it didn’t get too complicated for us. Heaps of people did the Mosaic maker. Some people did Magazine covers or Movie cover. I felt good going around the people and helping out. It was so fun. I learnt heaps as well not just in my own session!

Ted 2012 (Taieri e day) Avatars

Today Zara, Laura, Michaela, Anahera, Ciara, Georgia, Lorie Josh, Callum and I went to Ted conference with a lot of other schools. We all participated and presented and listened and learned lots. My favorite part was presenting and teaching people how to make avatars. I did it with Anahera and Lorie. We talked to 12 people about why it is important to have an avatar.  It took a while to get confident enough to help people and speak up but we came through in the end. I was especially good at helping people save their pictures on their USB stick. I had so much fun and their avatars looked great in the end! Unfortunately no-one finished in time to go on any of the other sites like wimp yourself.       

Taieri e-day.

On the 27th of March we had Taieri e-day. I was presenting. My favourite thing was pivot because we learnt how to make a stick man and with that man we got to move him where we wanted him to be. It was all done on the computer. Then a guy told us that we could move his arms legs and even his head. The fun thing about it was that it was like a slide show but instead of writing it was a stickman. The stickman wasn’t the only thing that we could chose from, there was an elephant, and a horse. Mine was a stick man with a horse and I made the stickman riding the horse and then when he gets off the horse and goes round the back off him he gets kicked. I also was working with Georgia at that time and she made the stickman and the horse roll their heads around which looked really funny. I also made the stick man do a funny dance. Today I enjoyed it because I learnt a lot and I had an amazing time. 


On the 27th of March ten children went to the Taieri E-Day at Elm Grove School. Seven of us presented and three more attended. One of my favorite things I did was prezi. Prezi is like a fancy way of making a PowerPoint.  You type in your name and you put in facts about you. You need to shrink the facts so they fit in the letters of your name. If you want you can put in photos and videos from youtube. Once you’re finished you play it through and it shows everything that you put onto it. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed doing it. I will do it at home lots.


T.E.D conference. Dinolites

On the 27th of March ten children from Room 6 St Mary’s went to the Taieri E-Day. It was a lot of fun and we learnt a lot too. I attended and my favorite station was the Dinolites. Dinolites are like a magnifying glass, but they are the shape of a cylinder. At one end there is a camera and a light and you hold the other end. Caitlin (The presenter) had a range of different things that’s we could explore with the Dinolites. There were dead spiders, moths, flies and mosquitoes. There were also plants, bones, moss, stones pebbles, feathers, and much more. We had to pick something to examine, then we placed it on the piece of paper and held the light end of the Dinolite with the camera over the object. Then the object would appear on the computer screen but it would be zoomed in and you would be able to see all the detail and then you can take a photo or video from the computer it was so AMAZING!

Taieri EDay

At TED there was a station called cool maths. The presenter told us to search cool maths games. We had to learn strategy games. There were a whole lot of games and I chose snail bob 2. The game was really hard but I knew it was a strategy. My partner showed me a really cool game and we ended up completing the game. She was really nice and I played with her at morning tea and lunch. My favorite part of cool maths was looking at all the different games and meeting my partner but I don’t know her name. I knew Zoe who was from Taieri beach school. She is my cousin’s best friend and my cousin used to go to her school. I am going to use cool maths at home and I am going to use the different types of maths.

Being a presenter - at ted2012

Today we went to TED day and I was a presenter.  It was really fun. I did big huge labs.  I did it with Zara. Doing it was really fun and you got to help and guide your group on the site, it was just like being a teacher. They had net books so everyone had a computer but there was only a fair amount so people got into partners to share the computers. It was a really good thing to do because you got to learn different things like sketch up, dinolites and prezi. I never knew that there was even such thing but now I do so it was a great day, and all of the presenters did really well. I really hope I could do it again and be a presenter and do something different. When I was a presenter I felt really confident in myself and I thought that I did well in helping and explaining what it was and what you could do with the site and just making really creative fun things.  I hope I could attend again.
And a big thank you to Mrs Mac.

Our assembly

On Friday we had our assembly.  We did our assembly at the school hall. We did it because it’s always fun and every second week a class has to do an assembly. It was our turn.
We did a dozen of things and I got two turns talking and I showed my record for one of them. I did about our dragons on funky Friday and birthdays. I made 2 bloopers and they were not speaking loud enough and losing track of what I said. My special moments were showing records and the other stuff I did and singing with room 4. Our audience reaction was spot on and all of the parents clapped very loudly. Room 4 came up and they showed stuff like what they wanted to be when they grow up.


On Friday it was our assembly. When we went on we sang a song with room 4 then we sang a song by ourselves without room 4.   Then they showed what they want to be when they are older.  I showed my caterpillar life cycle and did a butterfly dance. I talked about my Record. Then I held up my group’s vision poster. Mine was confident. It was an awesome assembly.

Room 6 Assembly


Last Friday it was room6’s assembly. We were so nervous. We had eels squirming in our tummies. First up was room 4 singing Haere mai with us then they showed their pictures of what they want to be when they grow up. After that we sang two songs that Mrs.D showed us and some fun actions to go with it. We had to picture her standing in front of us telling us to sing louder. Then it was time for our amazing art work. The ones that we showed were koru art, learning vine, butterfly life cycle and others. When we were sharing butterfly art we did a model on the stages of the life cycle. I was the egg, Janaya was the caterpillar, Jack was the chrysalis and Chelsea was the butterfly. Then we had to finish early because we ran out of time.


Our Assembly

At the Assembly I did the CD player and said a poem. It was on Friday. People started our Reflective posters but I didn’t.  I did a few bloopers saying the poem.  I read about our learning spaces with Jack as well. We had turn about when we were reading. Some people did some dance of the butterfly life cycle. There were the butterfly, caterpillar, eggs and chrysalis. We did our family koru. They looked so cool. We shared our Reuben Paterson art work. Not everyone shared them. People showed their record when they were young to now and we had pictures of us but we were not allowed to write our name on them so people don’t know too much about you. My highlight was doing the CD player.


On the 23rd of March Room 6 had their class assembly.
We did it at the hall.
We told what we did in our eight weeks of learning.
We showed a lot of how we learn and what we do on Funky Friday.
Our bloopers were getting there in time and getting our stuff.
Our special moments were when we showed our art work or our posters.
The highlights of the assembly were the audience’s reactions.
I also liked how there was a big turn out.
The audience’s reaction was great because there would always be a smile on their faces.
I like how they reacted at the end of a presentation or photo story.
     My favourite bit was when we did the welcome/Waiata songs.
 I also liked how we did the metamorphosis of caterpillars. The metamorphosis shows us becoming great learners.


On Friday it was our assembly.
Room 4 joined us for the start of our assembly.
Our assembly went so so so so so so so so long that we couldn’t finish it. When we were almost finished we did the funniest thing the (life sized) learning model.
 Billy was the egg, Janaya was the caterpillar, I was the chrysalis and Chelsea was the butterfly.
Mason and I presented about the dragons and Kaelen and I presented about our learning spaces. Our assembly was pretty good.


Room 6 had their assembly on Friday last week. We did 3 songs and room 4 did 1 song and showed what they wanted to be when they grow up. The bad thing that happened was that some people were forgetting to get up and be ready. A special moment was when we all did what we were supposed to do and they clapped for us. I thought that we did well and had fun at the same time. The highlights are that we sang well and nicely. 

Our Assembly

It was room 6 assembly. It started of with a song. It was a nice song. Room 4 did it with us. I enjoyed showing our caterpillars. My favourite part was when Billy and Jack, Chelsea and Janaya did the life cycle of caterpillars.  My least favourite was at the end of it.

Highlights of room 6 assembly.

On Friday it was room 6‘s assembly. I liked our assembly because we did the vision posters and we talked about how we made them. The vision is confident, Reflective, Risk-Taking, Lifelong Learners in a Catholic School. Our vision is ‘we are all in this together’. I was in a dance with Chelsea, Billy,   and Jack. Chelsea was a butterfly, Billy was an egg, Jack was a chrysalis and I was a caterpillar.  We showed the life cycle in a dance.  We did Maori songs to welcome and prayer in a song. Some of us sat on bean bags and I sat in the cave. 


On Friday it was our assembly at the hall. We shared our pictures and records, the learning vine and the learning spaces and our metamorphosis, our dragons and our wiki and blog. Everybody clapped for us. At the start we sang our waiata and haere mai with the people from room 4. After that the people from room 4 sang God’s Love. Then we talked about the prayer journals. I got to show my record. Then I talked about the caterpillars. So did Ryan and Lorie. I really liked and enjoyed our assembly. I thought that we did well. We all remembered our lines and our pictures. I thought that Chelsea and Janaya’s dance was funny because Janaya did the worm.


On Friday Room6 had an assembly.  We showed confident, Reflective, Risk –Taking, Lifelong Learners in a Catholic school posters. Then Laura and me showed our learning vine. Then it was Bridget and my turn to share about the Treaty of Waitangi. My friends and family said I did very well. My sister liked it. My little sister Neve liked Chelsea butterfly Dance. My family and friends liked my koru artwork. I liked my artwork too. Ciara, me and Janaya got to go off the stage because we showed them where we sit at reading time, Ciara got to sit on the red beanbag and I got to sit on the blue beanbag and Janaya got to sit in the tent, (But we call it the cave) and Alex got to sit at the table with Jake and we all silent read. My favorite bit was when Janaya, Ciara, me, Alex and Jake got to sit at the table, beanbags and the cave.

Sharing Time at Ted2012

Sharing time at ted2012:
Some of the skills we are bringing back to schools:
Big HUGE labs
and much more...
All on the wiki for you to explore....

Highlights of the day - check out the photopeach!
The day finished with an amazing sharing time and an awesome digital treasure hunt!
What a MAGIC day!

Highlights from our Ted2012 day

Today ten students from Room 6 are spending the day at Elmgrove school for the first ever Taieri School's e-learning day.  Check out what they have been up to!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Our Assembly

Our Assembly

The assembly was awesome and it was great fun. I was sad that we didn't have time for the whole assembly and we had to cut it off but it doesn't matter because we all did great. The songs were sung beautifuly. Room 4's posters about what they want to be when they are older were stunning I want to know who taught them to draw like that. My mum said that we all did great. We all tried our hardest. I am very proud of myself because I spoke nice and clearly but I thought I should've slowed down. The people who did the catepillar life cycle looked great in there costumes and Chelseas dance told the story how the butterfly flies away very confident. Well done Room 6.  We did great.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Tutpup is really fun you should try it!

There is spelling maths like times table

plus and more, and there is also mixes.

You can vs people from all over the world!

Our Assembly

Our assembly was awesome! My favourite part of our assembly

was probably the Caterpillar life cycles that we had shown.

I loved our classes assembly.  It was very long though, but

I still enjoyed it. I will always remember it. I was a bit

nervous when it was my turn to read out something that

we had done but I got over it and I had a lot of fun.

I hope we have another.  It was really fun! I loved our assembly!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cricket Day

I was just safe. Had a lot of fun at the cricket day on 20 March.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Congratulations to everyone in Room 6!

What a sensational assembly today!  I am so incredibly proud of you all!  What a huge amount of learning we shared.  
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  Check out some of the awesome photos Mrs Ngatai took!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dragon Adventure number eight...


My dragon's name is Buzz.
He likes to climb up trees and hid in bushes.
His favourite food is: and chips
3.chicken enchilidas.
His favourite sports are: cricket, Hunting, rock rugby, fire breathing (world champ).
His family: sister-Bertha/mother-Belinda/father-Bob/little brother-Barney (notice a pattern)

Buzz is a dark blue dragon with spikes on his tail and he has a very long wing span. His teeth are extremely sharp and his breath smells like burnt meat. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dragon Adventure number seven...

My dragon is called stinky because he smells like he hasn't had a bath in 3 years but it is really 4 years.
This week he is going on an adventure. He will need lots of food and when I say lots I mean tons. He will chomp it all in no time.  He plays sports, but his favourite is tennis. He is really good but he eats the ball insted of hitting it. He may sound weird but he is a really nice dragon. 

Year 5/6 Cricket Tournament

Today we went to cricket. It was so much fun, and we all had fun too. I bowled a couple of people out and threw the ball at the stumps and got someone out. We did very well because our team won all of their games except one.I think we came second overall but it was a three way tie. Most of us did very well and nearly everyone got someone out, and we all did fantastic batting and bowling. Here are some photos, see if you can find yourself, if you went............

Dragon Adventure number six...

My Dragon is called nightmare he eats 3 sea dragons for breakfast. He likes to play with his friends in a secret cave.
He is a leader of a group that defends a lost city forbidden to people. Nightmare is only friendly to people he knows!! But watch out he might eat you.

Laura's Kitten Photos