Tuesday, March 27, 2012


On the 23rd of March Room 6 had their class assembly.
We did it at the hall.
We told what we did in our eight weeks of learning.
We showed a lot of how we learn and what we do on Funky Friday.
Our bloopers were getting there in time and getting our stuff.
Our special moments were when we showed our art work or our posters.
The highlights of the assembly were the audience’s reactions.
I also liked how there was a big turn out.
The audience’s reaction was great because there would always be a smile on their faces.
I like how they reacted at the end of a presentation or photo story.
     My favourite bit was when we did the welcome/Waiata songs.
 I also liked how we did the metamorphosis of caterpillars. The metamorphosis shows us becoming great learners.

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