Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jill visits school today!

Today my puppy came to room 6 to have a visit. Jill is a Heading dog which means that she rounds up the sheep. Jill does not bark but she will bark a little when she is playing with the other 3 dogs. We got Jill when she was 8 weeks and she is now about 3 months old. Jill eats puppy bites at the moment and soon she will be eating what the rest of the dogs eat. Jill loves children and she loves the fuss over her. Jill looks like a border collie. Jill is so cute. 


  1. Jill is SOOO cute! I love her little face.

    Laura :)

  2. Jill has super soft fur and i cant believe that there are so many different wises that dogs know what they mean its so interesting

    Ciara :-)

  3. Dear Room 6

    Cute puppy! If you get another dog it should be a boy and you should name him Jack. Then it would be Jack and Jill!

    At our school (Taradale Intermediate school) we have two cats. I don't know their names but they’re cute. One of the cats doesn’t like us patting it and always runs away when we come close. The other cat LOVES us when we pat him. One time during class time, the cat that loves us patting him came into our class and rubbed its head against our chairs.

    Your blogging friend
    Johanna, Room 24

  4. Ohhhhh she looks so cute!
    I didn't get to see her though:(