Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dudley comes to school

Last Friday our puppy Dudley came to visit room 6. He liked getting all the attention. Dudley is a lab cross collie. Dudley is 9 weeks old. Dudley is black and has a little bit of white.  We have had Dudley for 9 days! Dudley is very playful. We drove to Oamaru to get Dudley. Dudley eats puppy biscuits, puppy roll, milk and water.  Dudley is quite big for 9 weeks. He dug up mums plants. Dudley is an outside dog, but sometimes he can came inside when he is good, sometimes.


  1. Georgia your pup is so cute, also great story its fantastic


  2. Hi Georgia i love the picture of you and dudley its so cute. LORIE