Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Taieri e-day.

On the 27th of March we had Taieri e-day. I was presenting. My favourite thing was pivot because we learnt how to make a stick man and with that man we got to move him where we wanted him to be. It was all done on the computer. Then a guy told us that we could move his arms legs and even his head. The fun thing about it was that it was like a slide show but instead of writing it was a stickman. The stickman wasn’t the only thing that we could chose from, there was an elephant, and a horse. Mine was a stick man with a horse and I made the stickman riding the horse and then when he gets off the horse and goes round the back off him he gets kicked. I also was working with Georgia at that time and she made the stickman and the horse roll their heads around which looked really funny. I also made the stick man do a funny dance. Today I enjoyed it because I learnt a lot and I had an amazing time. 


  1. Pivot looks like so much fun Lorie. I really wanted to try it but I didn't get to.

    Laura :)

    1. Pivot is a free download Laura. You could ask at home if you are allowed to download it and try it out. We could also download it on the class computers.
      Mrs K