Monday, March 12, 2012

My Story about the butterflies coming out!

I Zara was in a TED conference with some other people, suddenly Janaya came rushing in to tell us that one of our
butterflies was hatching from its chrysalis.
We missed the drop but it was still cool to watch. Its wings were all scrunched up tightly. It was awesome! Then we went back to our conference.
About 2 minutes later Janaya came rushing in again telling us that our next butterfly was hatching. Again we zoomed into class.
This time we saw the drop. It looked so amazing. Its body was full of blood and its wings were all shriveled up. It looked very strange to be honest.
It was so interesting to watch!


  1. Great desription on the butterfly. What it intresting watching the butterfly?

  2. Wow! Its so amazing that you got to see them hatching out of their chrysalis.