Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Taieri Triathlon

On Friday Anahera, Michaela and Laura went to a triathlon at Memorial Park. They did it as a team. Anahera did the 1km run. “I got very puffed after one lap I thought that I was running on clouds. I enjoyed it.  After my run I sprinted to Michaela and tug her and she hopped on her bike and she started her 1km bike…...” said Anahera.
 “I biked hard out. All I was worrying about was trying my best and not letting the team down. I was so nervous that I had butterflies fluttering around in my tummy. But the butterflies made me excited. As I pedaled harder the pressure was on. I had passed everyone apart from one. I changed my gears and glided along as though I was flying peacefully like a swan. As I neared the finish line the pressure returned, the crowd was shouting and clapping. I finally passed the person coming 1st.  I pedaled into the fenced off area, placed my bike down and chucked my helmet down.  I had to sprint towards Laura who was in her togs and swim cap. With determination  on our faces I felt like I had jelly legs……”  explained Michaela.
“I sprinted to the pool and jumped in. I was sizzling like a sausage on barbeque. It was so warm. I swam as fast as I could then I did my tumble turn at the other end of the pool. I had to swim one more length after my tumble turn so I sped up again. I felt great. My Mum said after, “If you blinked you would’ve missed me.” 
We came first and got our medals at the prize giving” said Laura.
“ That was the best day ever” said all the girls.


  1. The triathlon was such a wonderful experience. I love swimming.


  2. Wow, what an awesome effort. Congratulations girls! You must feel very proud of yourselves. From Jenny G (Zara's Mum)

  3. Congratulations girls,
    We are all so very proud of you! Awesome effort!
    Mrs K

  4. It was fantastic! Challenging and fun.
    - Michaela

  5. Great I love the sound of it . Out of running,cicling,swimming cicling comes 1st,running comes 2nd and swimming in 3rd place. Great WELL DONE !!!!!

  6. Well Done guys!
    Was it hard?