Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Room 6 Artists reflect on their work...

Today we took time to reflect on our Kowhaiwhai artwork.  We discuss the shapes we chose to use, our choice of colour and the composition of our portrait.  We gave each other feedback and reflected on changes or improvements we could make to future art works.

Mrs K loved listening to us discussing our choice of shape and colour.  She also loved listening to us reflecting on our efforts with shading, tinting and blending.
The pastels on sugar paper look amazing with a quick spray of fixative then a coat of chromacryl lacquer.
We are sooo proud of our work.  We decided to collaborate and mount our artwork for display.  What fun it was to see us all working together, deciding on the layout and colour combinations.  What a wonderful team of artists we are.  We would love your feedback on our artwork.  We would also love for you to come into class and view our artwork!

Now check out our artwork up on the wall!


  1. Each of your Kowhaiwhai artworks look beautiful on their own. But when you have joined them all together, and mounted them beside each other, the effect also becomes very powerful. Well done all of you. Margaret

    1. Thanks so much Margaret! I was so inspired by your AMAZING artwork when I toured your school. I am hoping to organise an art week at the end of the year to showcase our work. Hope the last preparation for your trip is going well!

  2. Great work Room 6 artists. I really like the way you've used shading on your koru to make them look 3D.

    Sam Cunnane
    HoD Art
    Fraser High School

    1. Thanks Sam. I am so proud of our wonderful learners. They are so good at discussing and reflecting on their work. There is just so much to be learnt about tinting and shading and this project was a great continuation of the colour journey... and it was so much FUN!
      PS - how is your amazing project going?

  3. Hello Room 6,

    When I have visited New Zealand over the years, I have loved learning about Maori culture including the art forms. Over the years, some carvings I had bought have been reminders of my visits.

    Kowhaiwhai art work has fascinated me because of its use of curve. I have read the curves can resemble the shoots of ferns. Having photographed ferns, I can see this is true.

    On looking at your designs, I have one word. Brilliant!

    Your designs make a marvellous display. Well done, everyone. :)

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

    1. Hi Ross,
      Thanks for visiting our blog and for the wonderful comment.

      In an earlier lesson we learnt about and reflected on the shapes we have used in our portraits:

      We are very proud of our work!
      Mrs K and Room 6

  4. This was so much FUN!
    Thanks Mrs K for the great times!

  5. Awesome artwork RM 6

    Mrs Crooks

  6. I was very inpressed

  7. Well done Room 6!
    I really like each individual piece of artwork has been put together to make one glorious, big piece of art.
    Mrs Barclay