Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Butterfly Miracle...

Today we have a truly miraculous story to share.  When the whole class was in the foyer singing Mrs K left the classroom door open and Bob the Butterfly flew out!  He flew around a couple of times, flew in and out of the afterschool care room then landed back on the doorstep of our class.  We think he really did want to wait for us all to come back from singing to be release with Princess.
Bob and Princess both emerged from their chrysalises yesterday.  Princess is the butterfly that was in the chrysalis on the ground.  She has a damaged front leg, a slightly twisted body and a shorter top wing.  She really struggles to balance walking and we are very worried about her.  Will she be able to fly?  Will she survive?
Tune in tomorrow for an update on Bob and Princess...


  1. Is monarc butteryflys the only class pet you have?

  2. What experament was that about the reflection? How many animals do you guys have?

  3. I miss our butterflies.