Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our sensational skype session

Yesterday our class had a skype session with Simon. He talked to us about road safety. He told the people that go on the bus not to run around or play tag or hand ball when the bus is coming. Simon also told us that if we travel to school by car that we should always wear our seat belt when the car is moving. Simon said that if you see a ball on the road, that you want to get, that you do not pick it up. If your mum or dad tell you or if they don't then he said that you don't go near it or leave it until the owner has found it and has picked it up. Simon said that if you walk to school or home after school you should always walk on the foot path so it is safe and so cars don't run you over. If you see a pedestrian crossing do not run across because you think that the cars will stop instantly. You wait until the cars stop and you walk across to the other side safely. When you are getting out of the car you always get out on the side where the foot path is. Simon also asked us some questions about road safety and how to keep safe. We put our hands straight up in the air when we knew the answer. 

Thank you Simon for teaching us about road safety and how to keep us safe.

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