Monday, March 12, 2012

Miracle Arrivals...

We were extremely privileged to witness two arrivals this morning!  A rare privilege indeed!


  1. Wow! When we were in Year 3 we kept butterflies like yours, but we didn't see them coming out of their crysilises!

    How long were the butterflies in their crysilises? Were they able to fly around the room? How many did you have?

  2. Wow! That butterflys beatiful! When we were in Year 3 we looked after butterflys like yours but we never got to wittness there wonderful hatching out of their chrysalises. Were they both identical?

  3. it was amazing seeing the butterfly come out off its chrysalis from gracin

  4. It was amazing to see the beautiful butterflies come out of their "changing rooms" and to see them flutter around the class room before we released them. -Michaela

    1. Michaela, what a gorgeous concept - butterflies coming out of their 'changing rooms'. I wonder if we can use this concept for our metamorphosis learning model?
      Mrs K