Tuesday, March 27, 2012


On Friday Room6 had an assembly.  We showed confident, Reflective, Risk –Taking, Lifelong Learners in a Catholic school posters. Then Laura and me showed our learning vine. Then it was Bridget and my turn to share about the Treaty of Waitangi. My friends and family said I did very well. My sister liked it. My little sister Neve liked Chelsea butterfly Dance. My family and friends liked my koru artwork. I liked my artwork too. Ciara, me and Janaya got to go off the stage because we showed them where we sit at reading time, Ciara got to sit on the red beanbag and I got to sit on the blue beanbag and Janaya got to sit in the tent, (But we call it the cave) and Alex got to sit at the table with Jake and we all silent read. My favorite bit was when Janaya, Ciara, me, Alex and Jake got to sit at the table, beanbags and the cave.

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