Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kitten Story

Two Saturdays ago we got a kitten from our friends. She is a girl tabby cat. She is SOOO cute. When we were in the car on the way home from getting her, her little heart was beating like mad. When we arrived at our house we had to watch out for our dog. She was hungry so we gave her some food. She wasn't quite used to us yet so we gave her time. She is 10 weeks now and this Saturday she is 11 weeks old. She is really used to us now. At nine o'clock every night she goes nuts. She is annoying and she is getting used to my dog. That is good. My sister said that the kitten is our dogs pet friend. We have named our kitten Mink. She really suits her name. 


  1. Mink is a very cute name!
    P.S Do you have any photos?

    1. Yes I do I will bring them in on a usb stick on Monday Morning.

      Laura :)

    2. Hi Laura, I have copied the photo from your wiki across to the blog - just in case everyone couldn't wait til Monday to see your gorgeous kitten!